Joystiq: The Agency Impressions

Joystiq writes: "The Agency is clearly inspired by the James Bond films, it also takes cues from more whimsical movies, as well, like Charlie's Angels and Get Smart. The team likes to describe the game's style has "jet-setting, cocktail culture" -- translation: fun, sexy, and cool. This style, along with the action-based gameplay, distinct environments and modern day setting, is intriguing and looking likely to offer a welcome change from the standard MMO offerings out there. The PC version was particularly impressive and appeared nearly complete, while the PS3 version was definitely a step or two behind. Still, we have no reason to doubt that the finished product will deliver on both platforms and offer an entirely unique experience for PS3 owners. When that time will come, however, remains a vague 2010 release window, but we do expect to see more of The Agency next week at E3. Stay tuned".

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