GamePro: inFAMOUS Review

GamePro writes_ "Will Herring's Avatar An intriguing sandbox experience, Tae definitely enjoyed getting his superhero on with what inFAMOUS had to offer, from an engaging open-world to story-altering karmic decisions. Also -- come on -- you shoot lighting from your hands. What else do you need?"

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Gue13367d ago

The score is good(4.5/5 = 9/10) but the review sucks...

Ziggi3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

4.5/10=9/10 not bad. Game deserves to be AAA. This review will be added on metacritic though...

Yokan3367d ago

Forget metacritic, no reviews are trust worthy these days. Its all about self opinion.

sparta763367d ago

Wait! They gave ninja blade 5/5, and infamous a 4.5/5.. Playing infamous now taking a little break :) so far this game blows ninja blade out water!!!'

callahan093367d ago

I honestly CANNOT understand how anybody could rate Ninja Blade as a perfect score. It's just unfeasible. A perfect score for Ninja Blade? That's just insanity. How could anybody argue that Ninja Blade deserves a perfect score?

A 4.5 out of 5 is a fine score, and seems appropriate for inFamous based on the demo and what I've heard... but if you think of it in these terms: with inFamous, they found flaws worthy of deducting points BUT for Ninja Blade they didn't? Craziness. Pure lunacy.

sparta763366d ago

Callahan09, bubble up my friend!!