PS3 vs. Xbox360. Battle of the exclusive titles

Dieter from Lazygamer was tasked with putting together a PS3 vs Xbox 360 exclusive comparison and had this to say about it - "The ongoing battle between Microsoft and Sony is one that shall not be resolved in the near future, I promise you that. In between the heated arguments and accusations on which is the better console, the ammunition is endless. Today, however, I decided to sift through all the fanboy bantering and focus on a single bullet…exclusivity.

Since their release, both consoles have enjoyed quite a few big names in exclusivity, and today we are going to take a look at their line ups, and decide once and for all, who has the better menu. "

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Blaze9293344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )


What does it matter, no one here will read the article anyway. Let the bickering begin. Flame on!

Lfmesquite3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

But looking forward I'm starting too like PS3's lineup more. Two of my favorite 360 games Dead Rising and Bioshock have gone multi, showing that third party exclusivity is drying up. And now Sony is starting make use of all their first party power, they have more first party studios than Microsoft so it's pretty obvious they're starting to come up with more first party exclusives. Quality ones also, There's nothing that I'm looking forward to more than Project Trico, Heavy Rain, and God of War III. (And David Jaffe's game, hopefully Twisted Metal, if he ever decides to reveal the damn thing)

Godmars2903344d ago

If MS has an advantage, its a manufactured one. Monetary instead of technical. Launching ahead of the competition at the expense of their console's stability, buying termed exclusivity for games and DLC and treating it as if they had it forever.

Its going to be surprising to see what BS MS dears to reach for with their next console. Or what the public swallows.

jwatt3343d ago

Every time I see these articals I always feel the need to post my video.

D4RkNIKON3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Exactly. There are so many PS3 exclusives coming out. MS need to release games this year if they want to attempt to win GOTY. Sony is finally showing what they can do and I am glad to see it.

Godmars2903343d ago

The thing is, does MS have to show games that show the current limits of 360, exceed them, or do they just have to show good games? Games people want?

While not the same thing, good games that exceed the current limits of a console are always nice.

Argento-Nox3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )


Of course 360 has exclusives ---> DLC, that is. I'm all for new PS3 exclusives over overpriced DLC any day.

SL1M DADDY3343d ago

The PS3 at the moment has the upper hand. There are so many fresh and new titles coming that one would have to be daft to ignore them. Each console has their strengths and weaknesses but at the moment, the 360's weakness is games and the PS3's strength is games so when it comes to gaming, the PS3 takes the cookie.

pain777pas3343d ago

Really good replys here guys. Most have pointed out that there was a manufactured console lead here. Now that is business for M$ but if it doesn't work well....... Moving on there was a good post in the article which i will echo here who has both systems and first had a 360 then got a PS3 and found that the exclusives for the 360 were over rated and the PS3 exclusives were underated? I really cannot take journalists seriously anymore. PS3 exclusives were quality from day one. I have a hardtime looking at Halos menus which look like they shipped the game too early the features modes and game is there but the most polished releases early were yes Rares games and Bizzare' game.

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Nelson M3344d ago

It's a No Brainer
It's not Even a Contest
Hell the Xbox aint got No Exclusive's worth Talkin about

But just to add to the Debate
And putting Fanboyism aside
The PS3 wins
Without a Shadow of Doubt !!
Nevermind BoTs
Now you can get back to Halo and bragging about Sales

boodybandit3343d ago

I never get tired of watching that video of Uncharted 2. I just cant get over how incredible the animations are for such a visually (graphics and color) impressive game. It is simply stunning.

DavidMacDougall3344d ago

Totally agree PS3 has the better ones.

RememberThe3573344d ago

The xbox has some great exclusives. But most can be found on the PC, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

That, and Sony has one of the best first-party out there. Some of the best developers in the industry are under the World Wide Studios umbrella.

Raf1k13343d ago

Totally agree.

Thats one of the reasons I got a PS3 and I'm glad I did since I'm able to play most 360 exclusives (or should I say Microsoft exclusives) on my PC. Really getting into Mass Effect now

Nelson M3344d ago

Who are gonna report this as Lame

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