IGN Editorial: It's How You Say It - Part 1

In today's gaming climate, it seems you can't even take the time to sneeze without being exposed to some kind of new, 'innovative' gameplay mechanic ostensibly designed to make the experience deeper, more streamlined and intuitive. From QTEs, cover systems and radial weapon selects, to squad command options, online XP perks and dual analogue controls, most genres are looking for the next big hook. Whether this trend actually benefits gaming or not is something that can only be determined in hindsight; for now, sitting as we are in the eye of the storm, we can only watch and see where it all leads.

Amidst this marketing cyclone, one genre seems to be falling behind the pack when it comes to examining its own, some would say stale, conventions. The RPG, whilst arguably the most complex of game types, seems rather content to mosey along, repeating itself ad nauseam, with few serious attempts to change – or at the very least examine – its most important gameplay element. IGN is, of course, referring to conversation, or more specifically conversation interfaces.

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