Heavy Rain : New artworks

Heavy Rain, PlayStation 3 exclusive: New artworks, published by the french website "Play3-live".

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360DownINflames3338d ago

That means Me and My Ps3 are going to make it rain make it rain... I hate that song dunno why did that. Digg me down. Or what site is this? Disagree me down. n4g wtf am i doing here.

Legendary-Status3338d ago

this game is going to have a very deep, deep story.. but from what I herd this game will be nobody's game will end the same that is amazing like real life...

nix3338d ago

i hope thats how the final cut will be like... heard that the latest gameplay was in alpha stage. q:

Ninver3338d ago

I can't wait for this game for real. Sh!t is gonna be FIREEEEE!!!