Best Buy to receive new 80GB PS3 SKU after E3, will cost $399


"It looks as though Sony is planning to introduce yet another PS3 SKU in the coming weeks. A reader has tipped us to a new addition to Best Buy's product database -- a "limited edition" PS3 bundle that includes a 80GB system and two games. It sounds similar to Target's post-GDC PS3 bundle, which included MotorStorm and Resistance.

According to the database, this new SKU is scheduled for release on June 9th, one week after the start of this year's E3 Expo. The listed price for the bundle is $399, the current price for a PS3 system now. Analysts have repeatedly stated a PS3 price cut is in the works, but this new SKU may suggest otherwise. Conversely, Sony may opt to drop the price on a "bare bones" bundle, while offering this new "elite" package at the now-standard price."

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DA_SHREDDER3339d ago

Why did joystiq just rip on Lair and Haze. Both games were solid titles. I guess these guys think that their opinions actually matter? LOL!

Lucreto3339d ago

I liked Lair and Haze. They are not AAA but they are worth a play.

thereapersson3339d ago

They're all still stuck in 2007, when it was cool to bash the PS3 and its games. It's why you don't see any of these sites bringing up games like Too Human and Perfect Dark Zero, even though those respective games were all extremely subpar.

Johnny Rotten3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Joystiq is one of the better sites out there, they give worthy news with a few wise cracks here and there, nothing to make the masses angry.

This new sku sounds interesting, so the question is if there is going to 2 sku's? and if so then will the other one be more or less appealing than this one?

edit: where does it say 2 games?

Sarcasm3339d ago

If they can afford to bundle 2 games with the box, why not ditch the two games and just drop the price to $299 already.

solidsnakus3339d ago

lair and haze? pffft, id feel ripped off if i were to buy them at 10$

trancefreak3339d ago

Haze should of been so much more especially after all the advertisements and the cool cgi ubi days commercial

Lair I heard was a solid game once the controls were patched in.
I wouldn't mind giving lair a whirl though.

JoySticksFTW3339d ago

it got even better after the controls patch.

I think the stubbornness in not including the analog controls at launch or soon after was the game's downfall

SuperM3339d ago

@ 1.4 because it cost them almost nothing to give them those games, but to cut the price by a 100$ would cost them, well... a hundred dollars.

cherrypie3339d ago

Lair and Haze "solid titles" are you serious? One was unplayable, and the other was so craptacular it was unplayable.

That said, did they put the Backwards Compatibility in this unit? Or perhaps the media slots?

soxfan20053339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

"I liked Lair and Haze. They are not AAA but they are worth a play."

Although I haven't played either, I agree with you 100 % (with the statement that "lesser" games are still worth playing).

There are far too many so-called "gamers" who think that a game is not worth playing if it isn't a certain # of GB's, or if the graphics don't push new boundaries, or if it doesn't rate over 90, or if it doesn't sell enough. How fun a game is is mostly a matter of personal preference, and just because a game is not AAA quality doesn't mean it is crap.

Lifendz3339d ago

means no price drop. Really surprised Sony doesn't bring back either the 20 or the 40 as a bare bones entry priced PS3. Get rid of Wifi, a few USB ports, and whatever else isn't essential to playing games and SOny would be posed to repeat the early part of 08 (prior to the 199.99 360 sku).

kevnb3339d ago

no matter the control scheme, just terrible boring stuff. Haze was playable, just subpar and disappointing. Id rather be playing Too Human and/or Perfect Dark, they might not of lived up to expectations but they are much better than those two turds. Anyway, lets not judge by the worst games, the ps3 has had the best overall games so far.

Sarcasm3338d ago

"Lair and Haze "solid titles" are you serious? One was unplayable, and the other was so craptacular it was unplayable. "

This is coming from a guy who only owns a 360.

Lemme guess, "OOhH i WenT To A FrENz hoUse N PlAy3d It Der, Dey boTh SuCk!"

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jamesrocks31473339d ago

just a ps3 with nothing else in the box for £250, $350 ? hope so anywhere from 50-100 price cut would send ps3 off the scale atm

happyface3339d ago

This means NO price cut is coming at E3.

WTF SONY, get ur sh*t together and cut the price. Throwing in 2 games no one wants anymore isn't going to sell ps triples, idiots

JD_Shadow3339d ago

1. This is not a confrimation one way or another about a price cut. This is just a bundle, and they are only guessing what it would mean.
2. No one knows what games Sony will put into this since Sony has yet to even announce this yet. It may be two games you DO want.
3. Yes, they needed a price cut YESTERDAY, I agree, but you seem a bit TOO eager to condemn news that hasn't even been confirmed to even have legs (one commenter on the Joystiq page is calling this suspicious).

happyface3339d ago

I just don't understand how Sony can go another E3 without announcing a pricecut

Everyone expects them to announce one at their E3 show, if they dont..............

rambi803339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

if $100 is keeping u from buying a console - how are you going to afford $60 games?

I dunno how much difference a price cut will make.

Piracy sold the other playstation consoles more than anything i think. If you are going to undertake piracy of games then $100 makes a bigger impact than if u plan to buy legitimate software

PS3 is doing very well if u compare it to other systems where piracy was not possible. Variety in software is more important IMO.

EDIT: @ disagree - i do not consider myself to be some all knowing gaming guru - so i dont mind if u are able to INTELLIGENTLY point out the flaw in my logic. Maybe i will learn something.

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Darrius Cole3339d ago

Sony should not drop the price until they can afford a $150 price cut.

If Sony cuts $100 down to $299 then the PS3 and the X360 will cost the same price. At equal prices the Playstation will outsell the Xbox. Sony knows it, Microsoft knows it, I know it, and you know it, everybody knows.

Microsoft however will not accept that easily, they will respond with a price cut of their own. The cut will be $50 or $100 down to $249 or $199 with hard-drive.

At $200 the masses will jump in. Sony can not afford to be $100 more expensive when its competition is only $200. At that point if Sony doesn't respond with another quick price cut the 360 outsell the PS3 by a wide margin. It's simple logic, $200 is the price where the average person is will to be a video game.

Until Sony can afford to get down to $250 they should keep the prices where they are and they are only falling behind a little.

TheBand1t3339d ago

$150 dollars?

You're a bit unrealistic.

Sarcasm3339d ago

Thank god we don't have people like this guy work for a company. A $150 price cut will make the company bankrupt.

Lifendz3339d ago

do you co-host on the Warzone and ListenUp? Let me ask you this: what exactly are you basing these "must drop the price" statements on? NPDs? You do realize there's a whole world out there that isn't North America. You probably also realize that Sony is actually outselling 360 when you factor in the US and Japan. If Europe's numbers were readily accessible, I think you'd see that Sony doesn't have to do anything until it is ready.

Claudinho693339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

it includes killzone 2 and MGS4 with BC

... we wish

Salvadore3339d ago

Would be a very attractive bundle because you get the best from 2 worlds; singleplayer and multiplayer oriented experiences.

PotNoodle3339d ago

i'd imagine they would go with a more recent game, since MGS4 can be bought for £20 now.

Like they say, inFamous and killzone 2 would be great.. with even a voucher for a PSN game or something.

The Lazy One3339d ago

or perhaps one of the resistances maybe LBP. Wouldn't be surprising to see two older blockbusters to counter the 360 elite bundle, which is a steal right now tbh.

I can't see more than one game released after december being included in the bundle for that price though.

It could be KZ2+DLC though.

Of course, it could just be a SKU with minor hardware changes or other minor changes that just has a new model number or something.

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