In-Game advertising to become billion dollar business

Gamezine writes:

"It's predicted that the money spent on in-game advertising will total over $1 billion in 2014.

According to research carried out by Screen Digest and GroupM, in-game advertising is only in its infancy. "

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HemDroid3408d ago

The Bots will have suffered

Dark_king3408d ago

I have one major problem with in game ads and that we will not see any reduction in the price of the game.In truth if games are making the dev cost back with ads then we should get the game for a severely reduced cost.The price should drop by at least 60% of a game without ads.

zach19803408d ago

in games adds have been around for years just not as much as it is today, money talks so if adds bring in the money then there will be more adds coming in all games, i just wish it was bring the prce of games down and not ruin gaming for the future.

3408d ago