Bionic Commando Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance: If I had to pick one developer this year that has answered the call of hardcore gamers it would certainly have to be Capcom. So far in this year alone they have delivered a brand new Street Fighter and Resident Evil title, both of which were excellent titles in their respective genres. They continue the trend of resurrection with their latest 360 and PS3 title Bionic Commando; a follow-up to their classic side-scroller which was recently remade for the downloadable market. This new chapter in the series retains a lot of the original ideas, but also expands on most of them creating an experience that fans of the original and newcomers alike will undoubtedly enjoy.

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Elimin83344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Not a bad score

samura3344d ago

Not a bad game either. it has its flows. but I liked it a lot.

playing it on "Commando" currently.

J BO3344d ago

why it is 8.1 not 8 !!!!

silvacrest3344d ago

i do wanna get this but not at full price

i guess i'll wait a month or so...

ChampIDC3344d ago

I've been finding myself doing that more and more lately.

MajesticBeast3344d ago

finished it nice game sh!tty plot twists and trying to put way to much story in the game and i think people that played it know what im talking about.

DARK WITNESS3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

totally agree. if i can summarize...

the ingame cutscenes look very, very average.. but strangely enough, the ingame graphics in the campaign i thought were quite good. specially the lighting.

the whole jumping ans swinging mechanic is very cool, and really good fun, not to mention all the other stuff you can do with the arm.

the weapons are cool, but they don't give you enough ammo to make you feel they are worth using which is a shame. i think there is less ammo to be had in this game then there is in Dead space... which just feels wrong.

The story starts of very simple and typical for the type of game it is... but as my man said above the twist towards the end makes no sense at all.. i would love to rip it apart but i don't want to spoil it for anyone that has not played it.

its good fun and 100 % worth playing, but not at full price. it is the kind of game you can finish in a weekend. i got my copy from Zavvi for about £26. i finished it by sunday and traded it in for a credit which was £25 (this will go towards my infamous purchase ) amazon are also doing it for about £28. buy it, finish it in 2 days and trade it.

overall i would say this score is bang on. i would give it an 8 or an 8.5, its more fun then Ninja blade thats for sure.

KKanjiAnkh3344d ago

Personally the game to me gets a 6, good ol school music, beautiful stages, arm works great, plot and dialogue shallow as Gears, Mag was a useless Claire Redfield, poor weapon choice, no enemy variety.

Rent it, or pick up at the bargain bin.

nackno3344d ago

I thought Grin developed this game while capcom published it... well at least I know that my friends at Grin was actually involved in this game =)

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