New feature wanted: Disable Trophy notifications

PSU Writes:

"Not having the option to disable Trophy notifications has never really been an issue for us, until now. We're currently playing the latest iteration in SEGA's Virtua Tennis series, Virtua Tennis 2009, and on a number of occasions the Trophy pop-up box has interrupted the game mid-match, causing us to lose points in the process."

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Lucreto3344d ago

They are complaining that they are getting distracted by the trophy sound and it appearing on screen on tennis matches.

Frulond3344d ago

ahh I just went to the site and read the whole thing. sounds like whining to me XD when I'm busy with something and a trophy notification pops I just keep playing and once I'm done just pause or quit the game and check the trophy

Defectiv3_Detectiv33344d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn your blackheart Sony! That's the best part about getting a trophy. Everytime I hear that sound I jizz in my pants.

Everytime I hear the achievement sound I just feel a little dirty inside. That hollow popping sound conjures up bad images in my mind for some reason.

Downtown boogey3344d ago

Every time the notification pops up.... You know...
It's like crazy... What was the bullsh*t about again?

aksmashh3344d ago

Hes Complaining Like Hes Gets A Trophy Every Couple Minutes T**t
Its Small Triangle In The Corner Of Screen & You Get It Once W**ker

Christopher3344d ago

Yeah, sounds like an issue with the game. Same thing that happened with Fallout 3.

cherrypie3344d ago

No. Its a bug in the implementation; a bug in the system in fact.

Achievements are part of the Xbox SDK. Disabling Notifications has been part of every game from Day 1.

PS3 has it's rewards tacked-on after the fact, and it shows.

Christopher3344d ago

No, and far from it. The PS3 is built on a non-proprietary, force implementation method. It is defaulted in the SDK for the PS3, but developers can modify it in a manner that it causes issues.

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Lucreto3344d ago

I love the sound of unlocking a trophy.

I just got my Platinum in Bioshock last night and getting 4 gold trophies all at once.

I was never distracted by the sound so I don't really care.

What I want it the ability to hid trophies of games I rented and don't intend to buy which I only have 2%.

Unbiased13344d ago

I agree i love that sound, this is ridiculous what this people ask for

Johnny Rotten3344d ago

Once you get the trophies it will never pop up again. So get the trophies, be proud, then go have a coke and a smile!

-EvoAnubis-3344d ago

You left out the last part of that quote, but I see what you did there. And I 100% agree.

dantesparda3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

It's "have a coke and a smile and shut the fvck up!", lol

Nitrowolf23344d ago

I love seeing that trophie icon popping up.

Nelson M3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

It's probably a Bug in the Game(and a Game that aint worth Buyin never mind Disabling Trophy notifications for)
So stop crying

Shadow Man3344d ago

Nelson monkey
Shut up you Dribbling Fool

Nelson M3344d ago

Shadow Mong cant even come up with his own Put Down's
He just stole that from me !!!!
Thy Silly Little BoT

talltony3344d ago

Why the hell would anyone want to disable trophy notifications? The only reason I could see is that the person playing doesnt care about trophies and doesnt want to hear that wonderful trophy chime.

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