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It's difficult not to like inFamous. The open air feel more than makes up for the uninspired story, with repetitive quests and average boss battles, and the uneven quality of the graphics. However, the karma system is flawed and Empire City is hardly bustling with life, but at least the game is fun while it lasts. And the scale of the city is very impressive, especially when you perform a Thunder Drop from high altitudes.

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JOLLY13196d ago

Seems like a fair review.

- Ghost of Sparta -3196d ago

It should, to a person who obviously hasn't played the game or even owns a PS3.

9.2/10 from IGN
9/10 from GameSpot
5/5 from Giant Bomb
A- from 1UP
9/10 from Game Informer
9/10 from GameTrailers
9/10 from IGN UK

Every major gaming website rated the game high. These small website's opinions are worthless to me.

JOLLY13196d ago

You complain a lot. First off, the scaling of the buildings isn't a whole lot of fun. The hand that shoots electricity looks not-so-good. The gameplay is quite enjoyable though. It's not a great game. It is a good game though.

Unbiased13196d ago


You don't own PS3 so what do you know? Besides that stupid avatar isn't doing you any good for your "objectiveness"

JOLLY13196d ago

Yes sheep, you are correct, I don't own a ps3. I am not sure what your point is. I have played the demo. It's a decent game, but it's defilitely not awesome. While playing the demo, I didn't really see any flaws. That was nice. When the dark powers start getting upgraded the some of the animations are cool. I wish the dude was more agile though. Climbing is no fun.

SeanScythe3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I wish Mario wasn't a fat lard ass, but that doesn't mean the game sucks just because his graphics are so lame. Assasin's Creed was great fun and it was mostly climbing as is spider-man. All of them seem fun, but I guess hitting bobble heads with a wii'mote is awesome.

Unbiased13196d ago


Do you realise how much you OWNED yourself with last comment?
I will copy/paste it just in case you decide to edit it, people need to read this joke, and laugh, love N4G cuz of that:
"1.4 -
Yes sheep, you are correct, I don't own a ps3. I am not sure what your point is. I have played the demo. It's a decent game, but it's defilitely not awesome. While playing the demo, I didn't really see any flaws. That was nice. When the dark powers start getting upgraded the some of the animations are cool. I wish the dude was more agile though. Climbing is no fun."

original seed3196d ago

The game is good just not great. Id say an 8 is a perfect score for this game. Some might give it a point higher and others a point lower. So and 8 will be perfect. Metacritic will most likely agree when all reviews are done.

BTW- who really cares about reviews. Play the Demo, if you like it, buy it. If you dont then dont. Or do what i do, Use GAMEFLY for the games you're sure to get bored of and buy the great ones. Im still waiting for Gamefly to send me the full version.

JOLLY13196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Why on earth would I change it? I didn't "own" myself. Oh I see, you were upset that my comment was well thought out and intelligent, so you tried throwing out something that made no sense, to try and confuse people. Good luck on that.

All this coming from a guy that is too afraid to put pis psn id on n4g. Keep hiding kid.

3196d ago
Panthers3196d ago

I cant agree with you Jolly. After playing the demo I can say that scaling buildings is really fun. It feels real because you cant just climb. You have to find something to cling too. The fighting is really fun too, although I would have liked better moves to melee with.

Why dis3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

You can see how the game industry is fearful of the PS3 fanboys scoring PS3 game high and 360 games low this year. The media is also punishing MSFT for going independent with news/hype hurting their traffic and magazine sales. This is why the bigger media is giving Infamous 9's yet PS3 media and others that have nothing to lose 7s and 8s. Killzone 2 was a broken game and mostly flopped but got high scores because it would be suicide to give KZ2 otherwise.

Infamous was kind of fun and seems like it would stay that way for a few days but it doesn't offer much and the game is ugly as sin(Bad Graphics)

Sarcasm3196d ago

"you were upset that my comment was well thought out and intelligent"


"Well thought out and intelligent."

That made my day.

TheRealSpy023196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I just went out and bought infamous, then on the car ride home i decided i'm not going to open it and take it back. the game just doesn't have enough substance to justify the 60 dollars.

and a 7 is exactly what i would give this game. it's fun for a while, but even after my second demo play through i started to grow tired of the tedium.

and i think you're right about the big companies giving ps3 more favorable reviews out of fear that ps3 fanboys will trash their forums and scream 'boycott.' Killzone didn't deserve anything close to a 9. in fact, killzone is the reason why i'm going to return infamous. i bought that laughable game and i was so incredibly disappointed. n4g people are the only people i still see saying killzone is a great game.

anyway, if you do really enjoy infamous, then great. it's out now. so go play it. stop trolling the articles where ppl don't share your overly optimistic view of every exclusive that comes to the PS triple.

4Sh0w3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

The game has alot of great reviews so why sweat the low reviews as if they are somehow any more important?

When will you guys learn that humans review games?

The whole point of metacritic, it is by nature a tool designed to give you a numerical avg of a variety of game reviewers OPINION.

Speaking specifically about sites who cover ALL 3 consoles the arguement of bias carries little weight without backing it up with evidence of A VERY CLEAR PATTERN OF BIAS IN FAVOR OF ONE BRAND WHILE AT THE SAME TIME DISPLAYING HOSTILITY OR NEGATIVITY TOWARD ANOTHER BRAND CONSISTENTLY= BIAS. In lamens terms that means if the MAJORITY of reviews from one site are almost always higher than meta avg for 360 games, while the MAJORITY of their reveiws for ps3 games are lower than meta avg then you could make that claim that the site has a history of bias, otherwise you simply sound like a spoiled 5 yr crying to mommy because some other kid said he has a better power ranger than yours.

The site bashing is really childish, in fact the general mood towards a given site seems to change based only on there last review of a playstation exclusive. Its just so childish to think any site you disagree with is worthless, and then actually turn around and use that same site as a legit reference to descredit a lesser known site when they give a score you dont like, if anything that is what I call inconsistent.

btw I disagree with the review, infamous imo is a legit 8.5 to 9 but somehow I can't make the case that "These small website's opinions are worthless to me."

@Jolly & Why dis, please just stop hating. You obviously don't care about the game, so why are you really here?

Sarcasm3196d ago

"i bought that laughable game and i was so incredibly disappointed. n4g people are the only people i still see saying killzone is a great game."

So I beg the question, what's a good game to you?

Why dis3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

There will be more. z

@1.14 I wouldn't call it hating more like *WTF are you guys hyping this average game for, going out of your way to make/force people to think it tops all sandbox games* I think its hyped and gets way too high scores that seem to be biased because of the fact this is PS3's first sandbox exclusive.

I see the guy below me is making his rounds, are you tracking me or patrolling PS3 news making sure no one says anything bad?

TheBand1t3196d ago

You make it seem like 8 is a bad score, Why Dis. inFamous was always a 8-9 looking game, but now you're just being childish.

I would approve it if I knew how. :/

Panthers3196d ago

An 8 is great and = a buy.

I am thinking about picking it up today, but I dont have much money :(

Either get the game or go to the beach. Hmmm. Tough choice.

Phatjabba3196d ago

Makes me think he didn't play the game all the way through the end if the thunder drop is his favorite move. I've beaten the game and the powers you get towards 2/3 of the game are amazing.

I also can't believe how he didn't mention the epic battles you fight- It amazing to fight against 30+ enemies and blow the living sh*t out of things wit no slow down at all.

PS3bloggen_SE, PM the ending so I know you have beaten the game ;-)

xwabbit3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I love how some people in here make up some bs stories LOL, its rlly sad to see and why this is just mentally challenged and needs help ASAP

TheRealSpy023196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

well since you ask...

I'd say the top 3 games of this generation were MGS 4, Gears 1, and Bioshock. I'd say great games would be RE 5, Halo 3, GTA 4, Mass Effect, Orange Box, Fallout 3, Ratchet and Clank, and i'll even concede Uncharted and the first Resistance - though both games would have benefited HUGE from an online Co-Op.

JoySticksFTW3196d ago

so shut up and enjoy it then

CrazzyMan3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

However, the score should be higher, if you enjoyed the game. =)
Anyway, i think the games should be rated:
9.5-10 - a MASTERPIECE.
8.5-9.5 - a GREAT GAME.
7.5-8.5 - a GOOD GAME.
6.5-7.5 - an AVERAGE GAME, depends on taste it may be good/great for you.
5.5-6.5 - a BAD GAME, but some people still may like it.
And so far, inFAMOUS has over 50 reviews(OPINIONS), where game scored between 8.5 and 10 as a GREAT GAME.
While, only 5 reviewers, think, that this game is an AVERAGE game, which you still may like.
9 of 10 people think, that this game is GREAT, so it`s pretty much proves, that inFAMOUS is a GREAT game. =)

TheBand1t3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Lol, Why Dis. Quite frankly you're almost as paranoid as PS3 fanboys who accuse the media of the bias. The only thing I track is news and I find laughably pathetic that you resort to tactics I would expect of the SDF.
Fanboys like you and the likes of Ghost of Sparta, Nelson M, and others all equally disgust me.

RedPawn3196d ago

I guess Why Dis ran out of cherry filled, chocolate covered [email protected]

TheRealSpy023195d ago

i opened it and now own it. can't take it back.

playin through here's what i can safely say.

that game is 7 at best. it absolutely looks terrible and the enemies all look exactly the same. there's no ai in the enemies or the npc's. and once you start exploring the city and realize it's the same thing over and over you are quickly reminded that ps3 exclusives are always this tedious style. so i'm sticking to my claim that ps3 has 2 great games. mgs4 and ratchet and clank.

i know ps3 fanboys are threated by the multiplat game prototype...but i just don't see how it can be any worse than infamous. only reason i opened it is cuz my friend said he'd trade some of his games for it if i didn't like it. thank god for him. this game sucks.

AKNAA3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I played the demo, a buddy of mine just bought the game and said that it was no different from the demo itself in terms of visual appearance, graphics and gameplay...

So the game in my opinion is only okay as a ps3 exclusive... Kinda seems like this was alittle rushed compared to other ps3 exclusives.
hell, the graphics are way below uncharted, MGS4 and no better then GTA4, so that was a little disappointing to me.
I only have a ps3, so don't be stupid and call me a 360 fanboy just because I'm giving my honest opinion...

rockleex3195d ago

Wow, you took back your words once already.

And you still expect us to believe you? -_-"

SL1M DADDY3195d ago

Then shut your mouth. If you have no experience with the title then keep your uneducated opinion to yourself.

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PS3bloggen_SE3196d ago

Nobody seemed to complain when I gave Killzone 2 a 10 back in January :)

Anyway, I liked inFamous. It's good, but not great - hence the 7. Some things are superb and some are sub-par, so it evens itself out really. If you played the demo and liked it I'd recommend it wholeheartedly.

JOLLY13196d ago

Some people just don't like when people see faults with "their" exclusives. I guess that article talking about how whiny sony people are was a bit correct.

Saigon3196d ago

but a seven or buyer says that its ok...seriously if you showed your parents your report card...test...or something you think they will be happy with a score of 7 (70)...I know mine wouldn't...

ChampIDC3196d ago

To me, 7 means, "If it's your style of game, you'll most likely enjoy it". Army of Two was right up my alley, and it got much lower scores than this game, but I still loved the heck out of it.

Play the demo and buy/rent it if you enjoy it. That's the best way to go with just about any game.

raztad3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Anyway, I'm not hitting your site. Your opinion is as good as mine and inFAMOUS is a solid 9/10, at least, judging only by the demo. My copy is arriving soon.


Dude shut up. You dont even own a ps3 and have made more comments than anyone else about a exclusive ps3 game. Why do you care? just wait for prototype, we can get both.

Christopher3196d ago

I'm noticing that in Europe, they don't use that same type of scale. To them, 5 is average, 10 is superb, 7 is good. To us, it's like our grades in school, though.

Sarcasm3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

It doesn't matter if the game got a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 just as long as the review reflects the score and is well justified.

Hate to beat a dead horse, but it's like the gamespot review of R&C:Future. "Too much variety." "Graphics too smooth" "Game is too fun"


So a 7/10 is ok as long as he gave reasons why it's a 7/10 is justifyable.

Halo3 MLG Pro3196d ago

Don't worry about these sony fans complaining. That's what they do. If their precious exclusives doesn't get a perfect 10 than they scream bias.

thebudgetgamer3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

im not complaining. seems like a fun game. i dont need every game i play to get all 9s and 10s. so some people dont like it so much thats fine i like what ive seen so far. what bothers me is if he had given it a 9 the same people saying this score is correct would be saying teh bias for sony.


Halo3 MLG Pro3196d ago

"seems like a fun game. i dont need every game i play to get all 9s and 10s. so some people dont like it so much thats fine i like what ive seen so far."

And that's all that matters bro.

"what bothers me is if he had given it a 9 the same people saying this score is correct would be saying teh bias for sony."

HAHA! So true. Just the same ole story on this site.

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Spike473196d ago


Halo Wars-82
Left 4 Dead-89
Fable 2-89

So all of these games are just Bs, right, nothing special. :)

N4PS3G3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

ehh whats the point of putting 2 games that scored higher .. thats not how you do it need to find games with lower scores to prove your point

some of those games have 90+ reviews compared to only 38 for infamous(86)

Everyone knows its easier to maintain a high scores with less let them all come before throwing fully reviewed games with higher scores on a list :)

joydestroy3196d ago

your comparison to Crackdown alone does your comment justice. i thought Crackdown was fun. in fact, i just played it again last night just to note similarities and differences between it and inFamous.

basically, if you thought Crackdown was lots of fun, then you can't go wrong with inFamous. just one more hour until i can head to the store to get my copy...and counting haha

Sarcasm3196d ago

You're missing his point. Just because something averages below a 90, does not mean it's a bad game.

Eddie201013196d ago

To be honest I would say that three out of those games got higher scores than they deserve, Halo wars, Crackdown, and Left 4 Dead. Thats just my opinion.

Before anyone comments, to me inFamous is much better than Crackdown.

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Barack-Obama-Sucks3196d ago

Thats nor right.
Should have got 5!

RedPawn3196d ago

I gave your mom a 2 in bed, cause she tipped me.

JOLLY13196d ago

They are good game. I like most of the mechanics in those games. I like how you jump around in Crack down way better than infamous though.