Cross Edge slashes to PS3s today: Trophies await

Nao Zook on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"Hi everyone! This is Nao Zook from NIS America. As of today (May 26th), Cross Edge has officially been released! Yes!!

Cross Edge is a dream-come-true RPG for hardcore gamers. It is the first RPG on PLAYSTATION 3 that has 5 different companies collaborating for one incredible adventure! You'll see some familiar faces from Darkstalkers (Capcom); Disgaea (Nippon Ichi Software); Ar tonelico (Bandai Namco); Atelier Marie and Mana Khemia 2 (Gust); and Spectral Souls (Idea Factory). And all the characters are playable. Isn't that cool?"

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Handsome_Devil3191d ago

Cool, but the question is, is it out in EU ????

if it is I will buy it tomorrow :D

ifhd3191d ago

i do not think so
give it 6 months.

mastiffchild3191d ago

Yeah, ity'll be six monyhs for us third world dwelling Europeans as friggin' usual I expect.

When you live in the UK and can't see what, exactly, the difference between the UK and US versions can really be(apart from the release date)you have to wonder what they're going to be doing to OUR version while they do the French, German, Croat etc localisation?

The UK seems to have to wait for games just so we don't upset the Spanish or something? Give us the game already they're region free so what's the problem-I swear the Spanish don't care that much.