Wrath of the Poo Announced

Independent games developer Espadrille Magique has announced its first shooter game, Wrath of the Poo.

The arcade style action game allows players to take the role of a special agent who must fight his way through an infested town of mutants that have escaped from the bathroom of a local secret laboratory. The various levels of the game include the laboratory, sewers, a wastewater treatment plant and the town.

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Dorjan3069d ago

wait.. wrath of poo? WTH?

Maticus3069d ago

It was only a matter of time...

Leord3069d ago

I will be SO disappointed if there is not a poo called "Hanky" in the game somewhere!

Leord3069d ago

Oh my lol.

Wrath of the Poo King :)

Fyzzu3069d ago

And once again, obligatory sewer levels raise their ugly heads.

Fyzzu3069d ago

Also: Looks poo.

I had to get that in there somewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.