SCEA Promises a "fresh" PS3 Title to Be Revealed Soon

GOONL!NE: GOONL!NE's just been tipped to a tweet from an SCEA spokesperson which gives us a really big hint at something for E3.

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TOO PAWNED3312d ago

Sony has secret game for E3? NOOOOO!!!???? WOW i can't believe that!
P.S-note sarcasm

Forrest Gump3312d ago

Sarcasm noted,Bubble awarded for take on obvious News.

LightofDarkness3312d ago

"Sony To Cool Gamers' Fiery Hearts With Fresh Island Game"

Crazy Larry3312d ago

Sony announces great games at every E3...and kudos. The problem is we won't see it on shelves for 4-5 years.

Struz3312d ago

I'm pretty sure a phantom disagreer just rolled through 95% of the comments here. Just sayin'.

SL1M DADDY3312d ago

Perhaps but at least the PS3 folks get to see their games...

*cough* Alan Wake *cough*


Why o why3312d ago

news for gamers like this pisses them off as much as it makes us happy

slpknt6sic63312d ago

cool more games:)

i cant wait till someone comes in here screaming AAA!!!

Anon19743312d ago

Fresh is one thing, but funky fresh and I'm onboard for sure.

GameGambits3311d ago


No, but seriously SSX snowboarding has been off radar for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony got in on the exclusive rights to that series since they sell pretty well. I know I owned Tricky.

Legend of Dragoon 2 though is all SCEA needs to announce to claim world dominance for sure.

Freak of Nature3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

When I hear fresh I think of LBP.....

Something creative,quirky,stylish!

Something as far from "generic" as can be.Something without grunged out browns and muted greens.Without space marines and without hack and slash "safe" genres....

Something that dares take a risk,that actually attempts to leap forward,push the boundaries,add some new gameplay mechanic.Give us something new "FRESH"...

Give me the Oddworld's and LBP's anyday.

Perhaps this could be a new IP from Media Molecule,or that rumored RPG/Platformer from Insomniac? I best not get my hopes up....

A fresh new dark cloud 3?

Could it be "Spooky castle" (code name) of a game I saw a proto-type of at last years E3?

Sarcasm3311d ago

Cant wait for the "Will Sony's ______ Game save the Playstation 3?"


Sarcasm3311d ago

"Sony announces great games at every E3...and kudos. The problem is we won't see it on shelves for 4-5 years."

R&C Future announced E3 2007. Release Date, Fall '07.
Uncharted announced E3 2007. Release date, Fall '07.
Resistance 2 announced E3 2008, Release date, Fall '08.
LBP Announced E3 2007. Release date, Fall '08.
Killzone 2 revealed E3 2007. Release date, Early '09.
Uncharted 2 announced at E3 2008. Release date Fall '09.

That guy is either retarded, or just plain ignorant. Although signs are pointing to both.

pwnsause3311d ago

LOD2 sounds more like a TGS announcement than an E3 announcement since Japan is RPG crazy.

Danja3311d ago

I hope it's , Twisted Metal

Slime3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Uncharted was revealed by Kaz Hirai at E3 2006 as "Untitled Naughty Dog Game." and Killzone 2 began development in 2004 and was 'revealed' at E3 2005.

Sarcasm is either retarded, or just plain ignorant. Although signs are pointing to both.

Jake the Muss3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

"Killzone 2 began development in 2004"

When a game begins development and when it is officially announced to the public are two different things, mate.

Much like Call Of Duty 7 is already in development. Doesn't mean it has been revealed to the public, or when it comes out people say "it was announced back at the start of 2009"...

EDIT: You edited your comment to add the 'revealed' bit. I think you noticed what I did.

Slime3311d ago

I edit 95% of my comments and have done since 2007.

Congratulations for finally noticing.

Jake the Muss3311d ago

Take it easy, buddy. My point was directed at your original comment, and still stands - that there is a difference between the time from development to release, and the time from announcement to release.

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osmarduban3312d ago

i hope its a new parappa the rappa. i hope thats what "fresh" hints at or it can mean a new IP

Struz3312d ago

YES! Please give us a new Parappa!

Freak of Nature3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Fresh could also stand for a whole new fresh look into something of the past....Something from the PS2,that is now coming to the PS2's big Brother the PS3....

SL1M DADDY3312d ago

Wouldn't a new fresh title be something of a new IP and not a sequel?

nackno3312d ago

Wild Arms FTW =) loved the music especially the tune during the intro video... does anyone know where I can get the soundtrack?

blackpanther253311d ago

cause if they do make one ure be whoring that game like your whoring Valkyria Chronicles lol.

Freak of Nature3311d ago

I think if it was just a "new IP" they would just say new IP,plain and simple...

But throwing in the word fresh "could" mean something of the past,done in a new fresh manner for the new fresh PS3?

It's always a quessing game....

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Myst3312d ago

My wallet is so barren these days, after all that we know about the line-up for 2009 (and into a bit of 2010) Sony has yet another game and it's a secret..?

/sighs. Need another job...

Skyreno3312d ago

@[email protected] WHOAAAA Fresh New Game ....? DANG , E3 going be crazy