Koku Gamer: FEAR 2: Toy Soldiers DLC Review

Koku Gamer writes: "FEAR 2 came only with nine multiplayer maps when it shipped in February, compared to most shooters that is not very much. Not only was there less maps than you can count on two hands, but all in all they were not what Monolith has been praised for in the past when it comes to the variation of maps in the previous FEAR title. So let's look at what the first piece of DLC has brought to FEAR 2."

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Funqy3190d ago

Well written, good job.

Nathan V3190d ago

Reminds me of Counter-Strike.

WengYong3190d ago

Man I loved those Rats maps !!!!

Cinotix3190d ago

I really love FEAR 2, one under rated game.