The Sims 3 scores 89 percent in first review

The first review for The Sims 3 shows up and it says 89/100. PC Games, Germany, compliments the accessible Sim- and building-editors, smooth character animations, the lifetime achievements and the wide variety of character personalities. They criticize the few accessories, the inaccurate chain of command and that the camera view still sucks. The facts were written in english too.

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The Pheen-X3011d ago

Does this mean its better than inFamous? Sike!!!!!!!!!!!

XXXCouture3011d ago

no. it means its better than sims 2

kevnb3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

there have been a couple on metacritic already (both scored it 92/100.)

Foxgod3011d ago

The sims 3 is really fun, its core gameplay is way different then the previous iterations.
I love the collecting too.

Fadixon3011d ago

the only thing i hate about sims 3 is that they age realy fast :(

Foxgod3011d ago

you can move the slider up to like 700 days, or disable aging.