Sly Cooper 4 hint in inFamous was a joke

PSFocus writes: "Yesterday we had the opportunity to have an interview with Bruce Oberg, co-founder Sucker Punch, and we asked him the question wether or not there is a Sly Cooper 4 game in production. To give you a short answer: "It was a joke". For the full answer hit the jump and the full interview will be online tonight at standard European time.

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Rehabinum3488d ago

Its a shame. I would like to see a current-gen Sly Cooper game, but who knows? Maybe they will make one after a bit of a holiday.

goflyakite3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

"ahhh ... no, we do not know"
"but we have not decided it yet. We have to talk with Sony and listen to our fans and see what the right thing to do is next."

There's a chance, it wasn't a definitive 'no'. Anything this team makes is gold though, so I'll most likely buy there next game, whatever it may be.

Rich16313488d ago

I never really got into the Sly Cooper games, I always was more of a "Jak & Daxter" and "Ratchet and Clank" sort of guy. They never really hooked me for some reason. Not sure why...

Yokan3488d ago

To be honest I was never really into Sly or Jak or even Ratchet, I was always more of a GoW type of guy, as much as I tried I could never get into those titles. I hate myself...

hatchimatchi3488d ago

i didn't have a ps2 last gen so i missed out on all these games.

i do however have the ratchet and clank on ps3 and absolutely love it. I plan on buying a ps2 next month or so cause i really wanna play the sly cooper series, gow1&2 and shadow of the colossus.

justRonald3488d ago

Would be nice to here that Sucker Punch was indeed working on a ''nextgen'' Sly game. To bad it was only a joke:(