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InFAMOUS receive 7.5 from EveryEye

EveryEye writes: "Unexpectedly, Infamous was seen by many in the press category as a revolutionary way, able to revive the kind of belonging and almost perfect in all its aspects. We seem to have framed as a product from the very good potential, however, frustrated by some lightness. The idea of approaching the world of American Comic is certainly enjoyable and well managed, and gives the product a particular character. The plot is, at least in its foundations, that well, but fails to fully abduct the user, due to a sustained frettolosità that omits key aspects such as characterization comprimari and "Villains". Even from a game, Infamous alternating high and low: there are main missions of this profound and beautiful to play, fully integrated with the freedom of action, but there are situations frustrating assignments and secondary repetitive and monotonous.The quality of the action is then claudicante for the demerits of the system that manages the collisions and scaled to the superficiality of steps shooter. Despite all this, Infamous is a title that we recommend to holders of the Sony console, if only because it shows an intelligent approach to the category of Free Roaming entertaining, and offers something memorable. The real strength of the exclusive, however, is to give a particular temperament to Line Up. And this, beyond the critical hyper valuations, Infamous able to do so successfully."

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MegaMohsi3338d ago

I can't even understand half of this "review"

Chubear3338d ago

-.- ... EveryEye review?... EveryEye?!... Really?! o.O

Struz3338d ago

The reviewer has a right to his/her opinion. My opinion on the demo was very positive. If the demo is indicative of the full game then it deserves a much higher score than this (and sure enough 95% of reviews gave it 8+)

Anon19743338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

What I find that bugs me is inconsistency. GamesRadar was a perfect example. They gave Infamous a 7 - which isn't an issue, but when they give a complete cow pie of a game like Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad a 7, your really have to question all their reviews. It's like seeing someone eat ice cream and say "It's ok" and then see them dine on cow pie and say "This is about the same," and you can't help but sit back and say "That's your opinion, but I can't help notice you've still got sh!t all over your face."

SL1M DADDY3338d ago

And when straight to Hook on Chronic!

Lousy review!

Struz3338d ago

Hah, I see your point about inconsistency. I have better things to do than read google translated webpages to find other scores though so I just took it at its merits.

edgeofblade3338d ago

You can't say "everyone is entitled to their opinion" and in the same breath question their consistency. That's the nature of the beast. People are entitled to their opinion without question, unless it's a matter of factual error.

Anon19743338d ago

People are entitled to their opinions just as much as I'm entitled to question their opinions. When I see Edge give Let's Tap, a higher score then Killzone 2 in the same month, I'm going to question that. If they stick by their "Let's Tap deserves a higher score than KZ2" opinion, it'll cause me to reevaluate my idea about their credibility. Maybe they're just really into rhythm games, I don't know but just because someone is entitled to their opinion doesn't mean I'm not going to judge them as carpet chewing mad.

PistolPumptMonk3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Darkride66 is entitled to his opinion on other peoples opinions.

But seriously, bubbles up for being 100% right in this argument.

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4pocalyps33338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

bull....shít! thats what this is.

"We seem to have framed as a product from the very good potential, however, frustrated by some lightness."

wtf?! when there isn't any lighting they start b!tching.

40cal3338d ago

I have been playing inFAMOUS for the past 4 hours, and so far the game is an easy 8/10 - 9/10 I wont know for sure until I'm done with it, but it has already warranted multiple play-throughs.

LONEWOLF2313338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

And who are they again???
Never heard of these reviewers before.......... i guess anyone and everyone with a PC can call themselves a reviewer now a days.

HEY Everyeye your review bites.........see what i mean i just became a reviewer myself.

fuckoffodion3338d ago

Cause that's how they work. Bunch of moron.

Gue13338d ago

You see? Only no name websites are the one's giving scores below 8 to inFamous. They can't overcome their fanboyims and that's why they aren't on the same league as IGN, 1up, Gamespot, GameInformar, etc.

Foxgod3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Who cares, even KZ2 didnt pull off anything special, so this game is doomed to flop.

Anything that doesnt score at least a 9.6 on metacritic for the ps3, fails.

Myst3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I feel like a mad stampede is about to come pass because of the score.

*scales the side of a cliff like in damnation to get to higher ground just in case*
*Gets out a megaphone and yells from atop*

Seems it got a bad score because of lack of villains, repetition in some parts

Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.5
Game play - 7.5
Longevity - 8.0
Final - 7.5

Please note these are not my views as I loved the demo; but merely translating the last part as to what they gave and where. Graphics I thought were amazing and the lighting well done, sound was pretty nice as well; but game play is where it shined. Longevity I would not know as I don't have it, but as a final I'd probably give it an 8.9~9.0; but seeing as I hate giving those scores I would just say it's a must buy pretty much.

Myst3338d ago

I'm guessing those disagrees are from Sony PS3 holders who didn't read my part where I said

"This is not my review but translation of their review and that I would define it as a must buy."

/Sigh 'This site sometimes...'

Sarcasm3338d ago

You will learn, that the agree/disagree system is severly flawed and STUPID. So don't fret about it.

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