New Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Screenshot - 26/05

Helios, of the Official Codemasters Forum, writes: 'Hi all,

Another community exclusive screenshot for you all, following on nicely from the one posted on the 22nd. This screeny shows off the radial command system and some of the nice depth of field visual effects the game will have.'

Later on this week I'll also be making another behind the scenes update from our sound team and their vehicle recording session with the USMC at 29 Palms in California.

29 Palms is the premier live-fire base in the Marine Corps. Each year roughly one-third of the Fleet Marine Force and Marine Reserve units -- some 50,000 Marines in all -- participate in the base's training exercise program. These training exercises involve every weapons system in the Marine Corps' arsenal, from small arms to attack aircraft. They are absolutely essential to maintaining high levels of readiness of the U.S. Marine Corps to fight and defend U.S. National interests.

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Honky Kong3341d ago

the engine is there just hope it is fun

Justinakach0ppa3340d ago

Is going to be epic, graphics are good and hopefully the realism will put off all the glitching/kiddy gamers and allow for a real war simulation to take place online.