Would you play a september 911 game?

With Konami's Six Days in Fallujah scheduled for release on both the Playtstation 3 and Xbox 360, Gameztraffic examines whether or not some aspects of history are just too sensitive to play.

Focusing on september 911 and examining interview with Infinity Ward's Military Advisor Hank Kiersey,and Colonel Tim Collins. Taken from a recent interview with Official Playstation Magazine on the appropriateness of video games using historical events as a foundation.

The article assesses what merit these games offer and how they may impact on the families effected by the real life events.

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KingsofOmega3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I would never wan't to play a game in which I take part in any terrorist attack, be it 9/11 or even the London 7/7 bombings.

It is unbelieveably cruel to the families of the people who died to have millions of gamers take pleasure in reliving the death of their loved ones.

I hope no game is made of any terrorist attack.

IrishRepublicanArmy3343d ago

tHE JAPS AND GERMANS dont complain about gettin killed and porteayed as evil in countless
number of games!!

sniper-squeak3343d ago

...or have they spelt "Playstation" wrong? =\

Foxgod3343d ago


With japs and germans you mean nationalists.
Believe me, nationalists are plenty offended by the fact that they get shot in games.

Germans and Japanese people got nothing to do with nationalists.
Only nationalists do.

DominusRebellis3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

@ KingOmega

So if you wouldn't agree on a game about a terrorist attack on the USA then you must also not agree on a game about the terrorist attacks by americans on the Vietnamese, Japanese, Germans, Africans, Middle Easterns, or am I wrong and you're just a hypocrite?

Bring this game on!

MisterNiwa3343d ago

Im German, and when i play a WW2 game i say:"Die Krauts!!"


3343d ago
Doppy3343d ago

I believe they should make a 911 game. I think this would be a step in the right direction for making games 1. For mature audiences, and 2. to get games recognized as an acceptable form of entertainment rather than how games are currently portrayed.

911 is delicate subject matter, but if handled correctly this could be a great success for the gaming community. Now who should develop the game story wise Quantic Dream seems to be the right developer since they dabble in mature themes, gameplay wise?

3343d ago
DominusRebellis3343d ago

@ Barack-Obama-Sucks

No sh!t sherlock! If a country who was countlessly killing your brother and sisters by launching bombs on schools, markets etc wouldn't you be happy if they got what was coming? Don't be a one-sided hypocrite

gamesmaster3343d ago

in call of duty 4 you kill what is blatantly an imitation of the republican guard, in other call of duty's you kill Germans and Japanese poeple. But when the situation is turned around, suddenly its taboo... quite hypocritical if you ask me.

phosphor1123343d ago

it would be f*cking boring. What would you do?? Honestly a game about 9/11? I fly a plan and crash? Or do I go through training, go walk to a store, buy a box cutter and then hijack a plane? Would they rate me doing a left bank into a tower? How "well" the building fell? Either way, that's f*cking stupid. It's like making a game about Timothy McVay (spelling). Whats the f*cking point?

Want to make a controversial game that actually might not be boring? Make one about one of the many genocides in Africa. You would be able to throw in a great story with it as well not to mention maybe even fight back, or have a hiding sequence.

Stupid article, stupid idea, stupid people.

IrishRepublicanArmy3343d ago

they both posted the exact same youtube link at the same time!! caught red handed ehh!!!!!!

IrishRepublicanArmy3343d ago

u must be the third account ha!!!

Timesplitter143343d ago

You probably have killed more than 10 000 people in games, guys. And many of these games were based on events that really took place like WW2.

And playing a game like GTA is as bad as playing a game on 9/11. It's more or less the same thing.

Now the question is... is it bad to play GTA or 9/11? I'll let you decide that.

phosphor1123343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Saying I want Americans dead? No, I want YOU dead. You are the spitting image of what America SHOULDN'T be. That's why EVERYONE hates us! Not just "Muslims". Go to any country other than the US and someone WILL say something bad/hateful towards the US, its a FACT.

Also, if you are so gun hoe about your country, then tell me this. Does it make an f*cking sense that the US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq when ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TERRORIST came from Saudi Arabia? Oh, no, we don't fight them cuz they'd cut off our oil, thats why. So we attack Afghanistan as a smoke screen and go for Iraq, which has Oil we can take from someone we were on bad terms with. Good job.

EDIT: I come to N4G to read about games not to get called Evil by some assholes, I'm tired of taking blame for 9/11. I was F*CKING 11 YEARS OLD F*CK YOU! Land of the free? HAH! Thats why the FBI raided my god damn house. If you hate me or my kind, F*CK YOU TOO JUST LEAVE ME THE GOD DAMN ALONE AND TAKE YOUR POLITICS ELSEWHERE!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3343d ago

In cod you play as a soldier in a war where both you and your enemies are on equal grounds because YOU BOTH HAVE WEAPONS. No i wouldnt play a 9/11 game. Why would I play a terrorist in an unprovoked act of war where I attack innocent ppl who have no way to defend themselves? Thats a cowards game.

MrJack3343d ago

I don't think I have ever, or ever will play a game based on real events where the main point was to blow up unarmed civillians.

I will however, play war games where both sides are on pretty much an open playing field.

SL1M DADDY3343d ago

I would not play it and I would go as far as to writing the developer to keep a game like this from being made. There is a difference when you are making a game based on war that is fought by soldiers than if you were to make a game about innocent civilians being slaughtered by a cowards group of individuals that hide behind a pathetic religion that claims they are to spread the "word" by the sword.

Bnet3433343d ago

People forget this incident isn't even a decade old compared to WW2 or other war games that happened more than 5 decades ago. The term "too soon" comes to mind. I can bet people who play Call of Duty (WW2) weren't alive when it happened as apposed to this. No one in the gaming industry has the balls to make this. America isn't Germany where it just rolls over and lets games like this come out.

cryymoar3343d ago

For all the crap that American politics and corporations have been trying to press onto the Middle Eastern world, i don't blame them for celebrating the attack of 9/11.
it's all about perspective.
To them, WE are the terrorists. They don't hate us for our freedoms like the bullsh*t propaganda they try to teach you in our schools. They hate us for our greed and power hunger.
Trust me, if China invaded the U.S. and tried to push their way of life onto us, you all might be taking up arms to fight them off too. Then the Chinese media will brand you guys as "Terrorists." How would that feel? Not very good at all.

GameGambits3343d ago

I already played that game. It's called Superman N64.

As far as I know that game wins as the biggest disaster ever and had to be the cause of terrorists to [email protected] money away from us consumers.


Jamegohanssj53343d ago

Yes, but only if I get to do the whole crashing into the buildings and what not.


Tony P3343d ago

I'd rather not. The real world sucks.

Sarcasm3343d ago

Actually, in WW2 games you Kill Nazi's, not german people.

Sarcasm3343d ago

"Then the Chinese media will brand you guys as "Terrorists." How would that feel? Not very good at all."

Well if you want to go through the whole "other perspective" thing then if we are branded as terrorists because we fight for our freedom, then so be it.

It's like the story of Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg from 1944, about how he and other Nazi generals tried to assassinate Hitler. They were branded as traitors by their fellow germans, but only then years later did they realize that the so called "traitors" were fighting for the freedom of Germany itself.

The difference is that the TERRORISTS that attacked on 9/11 killed thousands of people who had nothing to do with their so called oppression.

How could you support a group that lives off killing innocent people for their purpose? It's no different than hitler how he MURDERED all the jewish people for his so called "superior" race.

BWS19823343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

have the right idea. How you could draw a correlation between UNARMED INNOCENT CIVILIANS and ARMED SOLDIERS IN A WAR FIGHTING OTHER SOLDIERS is beyond me. If you have no sense of perspective on a terrorist attack and the slaughtering of innocents as opposed to a real war against another army or attackers, you need to get some help. I don't believe in black and white in most cases, and try to reveal the gray in this world to others, but this caliber of right and wrong is fairly friggin absent of any shades of gray. Killing soldiers trying to kill you in any game is one thing, but people who are sitting at their desk on a computer being killed for their "nationality" is sick, doesn't matter what nation it is. America isn't 100% wholesome and "innocent", I'll agree, but killing thousands of civilians who you can't prove had any involvement or support invested in anything outside their country is pretty f'in black and white.

Why not make the holocaust a simulation game, where should it stop? There's a difference between a fictional, hypothetical GTA world that never took place nor represents real factual tragedy, and a simulation on a real world catastrophe, how anyone can see the two blend together is insane.

stevenhiggster3343d ago

Don't think so buddy. And maybe you should think about changing your user name before commenting on threads about terrorism.

dantesparda3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

And im American. This is the typical response from alot of Americans. Its always ok and good when we do something against another country and always bad, and wrong and evil when they (whoever they may be) do it to us. Its hypocrisy people! Do people really think that 9-11 happened for no reason at all? 9-11 was payback for some sh!t our governement did in the past. This country thinks it can go around fvcking with whoever they want and nobody is going to do nothing about it! Well they finally messed with the wrong people!

And dont be surprised when 10 to 20 years from now we get nuked by somebody (probably from the Middle East, and probably Iraqi) for what we've done to them. And you can thank your government for it. Think about it, how many Iraqis have died and die a day because of us and you hardly hear a peep about it but a American soldier dies or a American and its all over the news and we are all supposed to care about it and cry about it.

So no, Im not gonna cry about 9-11, instead I'ma look at what this government is doing that is putting me at risk

Later ladys. Have fun fighting about it.

TheDude2dot03343d ago

Why do people get offended by this game? It's not any different from any game that depicts a true historical event. People are just mad because this time it is an event that happened in the ol' USA.

BWS19823343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

or not, the Vikings raping and pillaging would be wrong (and I'm of Viking heritage), the Native Americans slaughtered by my ancestors IN MY COUNTRY WAS WRONG, the innocent Vietnamese being shot, the Greeks, the Mongols, the Crusades, doesn't matter what nation/group did what to who, killing civilians out of sheer joy just because you can, with some guise of "well their country did this and that, they deserve it" is horrendously moronic. I can't believe I'm of the same species as someone who thinks like that. What kind of sadistic individual can't tell a difference from a battlefront with bullets and mortars going off and someone blowing up thousands of 9 to 5 workers?

@ below: "blowback" should be directed at anyone "responsible" though, don't you think? Why kill thousands who are NOT "in charge of" any foreign wars, just to get at the people who ARE in charge of it? It's not justified, the people in NYC who were killed were not people who invaded or suppressed any other peoples, they were pawns in a sick game of "revenge", it's not the same. That's like a thug killing someone's mother for revenge, there's no justification for it.

cryymoar3343d ago

I DON'T support terrorism at all. I don't support a bunch of fighting over retarded things.
But 9/11 was most likely blowback. Do you really think that the American government or military has not oppressed middle eastern people before? Perhaps now directly, but with support. The American govt and corporations try to use the middle east as a pawn for their own gain. Can't corrupt the leader of Iraq (Saddam) in order to gain cheap oil? Why not accuse him of holding weapons of mass destruction and supporting terrorism? Even historians know that Saddam didn't support such things, but hell, it was on the News, owned and operated by your government, it must be true!
I'm sure the "terrorists" that committed 9/11 were sick of our sh*t, they felt we deserved it.
It's all perspective.
That's why we all need to learn the truth about what is going on in the world, and continue to educate ourselves, not believe all the bullsh*t that the media tells us. It's all propaganda.
But that's why i don't support religion, that's why i don't support nationalism, and that's why i don't support corporatism. If it means killing in the name of something, I don't support it.
The only war I support is the console flame wars, cuz let's be honest, it's fun tanking on someone else's console ;D
as long as things don't get out of hand on a personal level, we're all human beings who love video games. We just have to argue a bit to make it interesting and to make sure we're playing the best video games possible.

hatchimatchi3343d ago

look at how many games are based on ww2. Pearl Harbor was an attack on us soil and there's games based on it. A 9/11 game will be made but it's probably too soon, maybe in 10 years of so. Even then though, who really cares? I prefer playing games that aren't based on real life events.

shawnsl653343d ago

what kind of turd would want this game. for the guy saying games with german, they were fcking NAZI, eVIL nazi getting killed so it didn't matter. This is innocent civilians that died. Would anyone in their right mind want their mother, father, grandparents, sisters, brothers, wife, girlfriend, and kid to be in a video game so others can kill them? N4G is filled with fuked up individuals. This will be the last time i'm visiting the "gamer zone"... freaks

poopface13343d ago

1. It would be sad
2. It would be short
3. you couldn't win
4. It would be the first game where your intentions were to kill innocents. Not sure what side they want you to be on but its not like the games where your opposing soldiers. Even cs isnt about killing innocent people and if it was it wouldnt look good regardless of where the innocents were from.

Maybe there could be a game based on the events of 9/11 but I doubt there will ever be a game, based on real events, where your intentions are killing civilians. [email protected] they havent made a nazi simulator yet, I doubt they will make a game about killing civilians of any nationality, ever.

cmrbe3343d ago

a game about September 11 would be God awful boring. For one thing there is not much of an interesting plot to play gameplay wise but also you will be fighting against who exactly?. Innocent by standers without anything to defend themselves against you the terrorist with bombs and guns and hijacked planes?. How boring is this?.

It would be like playing KZ2 but instead you go on a killing rampage of unarmed Helgast civilians that can only throw shoes at you lol. Not very fun and perhaps you need to check your head if this is your type of games.

Look, the idea is just stupid from a gaming perspective.

GCNSeanFoster3343d ago

Considering that I knew someone that died in the twin towers on 9-11... no, I would not want to play a game based on it... Just my own personal opinion. But as for a game being made... we have freedom of speech and expression, so let it be made. I don't mind, I just would not buy or play it.

DaTruth3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Only if it's based on the real story. The one where the American Government perpetrates an attack on it's own people, so they can attack whoever they want in the world.

This was already in a show called The Lone Gunman; Except he prevented the attack!

Edit:@BWS1982: Americans tell their Government to get them money; The government reeks havoc in practically every nation on Earth; That is why they blame 9-5 workers. In a democracy, every citizen is in charge!

solidsnakus3343d ago

i think kojima should make a game about 9/11. a mgs game but with the story being about 9/11 and uncovering the real truth that actually happend on that day. then the govt turns on him after he finds the truth.and its pretty much a giant stealth phycological thriller ? i think this is pretty much the premise to splintercell though exept for the 9/11 part. lol

KaBaW3343d ago

Well, they were.. There is a reason why the Germans took down Hitler statues.
Don't know about the Japanese, though.

But, then again, it's war.. Everyone is evil.

Patrick3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Ok, For EVERYONE on here bad mouthing the US both above and below this comment, I just have a few things to say. If you hate America that bad, LEAVE. Go to these other places you are taking up for. Get out of my country that I am very proud of and proud to be apart of. We have done more good than any country on this planet, we try to help everyone and usually get bad mouthed for it. We are the greatest country on earth and not because of our power. But because of our faith, our drive to do whats right and our beliefs that we can be better than what we are. I am proud of America and shame on any of you for saying other wise about your country. You dont deserve the lives that have been given and are still being given to make this great nation what it is and that make it safe. Shame on you and if I had my way I would toss you out on your ear. Sure we make mistakes, we do things I dont agree with like where we are currently headed with our current president, but as a whole.. we are great. And I will stand up to anyone who says other wise. I would not play a game like this, its sad its even being made.

to people like "the killer"
Your an idiot, and you need to learn your facts and have some sense beat into you.

pixelsword3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Everyone's talking about people being "too sensitive" when Germany won't allow Nazi related games to come out, or when some ACLU group complained when RE5 came out, or when Resistance got sued for using that Catholic building, now that something that could make Joe the plumber wet his pants we can't be sensitive enough.

As long as they use real facts and not the suppressed and edited version you get to watch on television I'm all for it.

Fat Bastard3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Wow, a lot of you people are ridiculous. The Middle East did not only attack us because of what America had done to them in the past; the Islamic religion played a large part in it. And for those of you blind idiots who believe the myth that Islam is a religion of peace, let me quote some passages from the Quran, which is accepted by all Muslims. And this is not from the Hadith, which is not accepted by all Muslims and is full of all kinds of crazy sh!t that Muhammad may have said. Straight from the Quran, it says to
"kill the disbelievers wherever you find them (Sura 2:191)",
"murder them and treat them harshly (Sura 9:123)",
"Slay them (Sura 9:5)",
"Fight with them (Sura 8:65)",
"Slay or crucify or cut the hands and feet of the unbelievers (Sura 5:34)",
"Strike off the heads of disbelievers (Sura 47.4)"

The Islamic religion, which is actually incredibly violent, is directly responsible for the terroroist attacks. The suicide bombers that attacked us weren't fed up with America, they were promised a special seat in their heaven with 75 or so virgin girls and eternal bliss.

phosphor1123343d ago

How about you learn to read and not pick and chose words.

----------------------------- ----------------

2 : 190-192

Not so evil now, huh?

----------------------------- ----------------

9 : 123

----------------------------- ----------------

9 : 5-7

----------------------------- ----------------

8 : 65 read that general area

----------------------------- ----------------

5 : 34 You have the quote all wrong. And this section talks about punishment for crime. Read related verses. They mention punishment for those who WAGE WAR and those who MURDER
The word "fight" isn't literal. It's like saying "fight the peer pressure" you don't punch it in the face, you resist it.

----------------------------- ----------------

47 : 4 It doesn't say strike their heads off. Read for yourself. It is worded slightly the same, but the meaning is apparent when it says
"mite their necks until you overpower them, then hold them in bondage. Then either free them graciously or after taking a ransom, until war shall have come to end." Meaning release them when war is over, not take their heads off.

Next time you want to desecrate my religion, try doing it with something valid. Also, I'm saving this in a file for those like you trying to take words out of context.

DominusRebellis3343d ago

@ Patrick...STFU....STFU!!! Again, STFU!!! You are the PRIME example or product of the yank education system: raise the kids to be mindless idiots and not think for themselves.

"get out of here"...people on this site are not all in the usa, see not everything revolves around the usa, but being brainwashed like you I can see why you'd think that.

America is NOT the greatest country in the world and has NOT done the most "good". Before america was even a country my acestors were philosophers, mathmeticians, physicists, doctors all of which contribute more the good of the world than your sick country. I have nothing against yanks but the sh!t that came out of your mouth reaffirms my belief that your education system produces mindless idiots...such as yourself

phosphor1123343d ago

Education system? You mean the thing that we pay tens of thousands for? You mean the thing that is free EVERYWHERE else? You mean the thing that doesn't maintain a teaching standard unlike other countries? Want to know what my professors do? They read the book that we payed hundreds to buy. WITHOUT explanation. Thousands of dollars a year for what? So they can read a 200 book that I already bought?

Capitalism sucks. Plain and simple. It's downfall shows in its costs for things that should be standard and socialized.

BWS19823343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I really fail to see how "every citizen is in charge in a democracy" has any bearing on the justification of thousands of innocents being slaughtered for something they PERSONALLY had no control over. Do you have documentation proving every one of them supported the US foreign policy 100%? Every single one may have staunchly opposed our nation setting foot in another nation, but it would have been "serves them right" to you because they were Americans just like our government is? America is not a single-minded human body to which torture applies, you don't chop off it's finger to show it you mean business when you disagree. Why not go gun down a store full of employees because you hate the CEO that runs it? Is that how you think? Do you support the Holocausts? You know, the "one fell swoop mentality?" How does that even make sense? That naivety is simply unparalleled, it's insane. It doesn't matter how you spin what "their" government did, it's wrong. Period. End of story.

You are trying to justify a heinous act of disgusting proportions simply because a few thousand people belong to a country that may or may not have pissed off another country. Does it matter what those thousands actually thought about the rest of the world?

By that logic, you could have your car stolen by a thug, and then you go kill his 3 children at home in front of him just to show him he did wrong. Hey, a family is fair game, just like a nation, right? That's how gangs operate.

You can lay on all the pretty sprinkles and spin 9/11 any way you want, but what happened was an unspeakable act, and not just because it happened to Americans, it's because it happened to unarmed human beings.

HateFanboys3342d ago

I present to you the typical American conservative/Republican white boy from America, Patrick. Aint they great!? They always think they are the greatest sh!t on the Earth.

Uzesgelen_Goo3342d ago

[email protected] man read the history. Mongolians aka Hunu didn't started war it was other groups kills Temuujin's father aka Chinghes Khan's father and when he grows up he wanted to take ravenge of his father and after that he united all mongolian groups/familys and created his empire. and he didn't kill single civilain if they accept surender(if you know the history Chinghis Khan conquered 3/2 of earth even included china,korea and iraq)
(sorry for bad english and i do try this game ppl should now learn to bear this kinda pain and that 9/11 wasnt that much scary for other countries because they faced more than that so stop whining but Mongolians worried and feels how hard was that when that day 9/11 even happened also we are sent warm clothes and foods etc when Catrina storm happened) and yes i'm Mongolian

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The Meerkat3343d ago

If it allowed me to beat the sh!t out of Saudi zealot and prevent the twin towers from being destroyed then YES.

potenquatro3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

...or maybe as a special-ops guy that looks for the real pople that did it after it happened. Maybe switching between middle eastern and african theaters. Some european locations... They could tie London and Madrid in too.

EDIT: as long as u get to kill members of the groups responsible lol
EDIT: on topic. no, I don't think it's too soon. Before you call me crazy, I have a distant family member fighting in afghanistan

3343d ago
theKiller3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

and also show the Bush and his Zionist crew knew about the attacks yet didnt lift a finger!

muslims are the only victims in 9/11 attacks with 4000 american in the towers and airplanes! because after 9/11, 1.5 billion muslims suffered a lot and 3 countries was invaded and 6 wars happened in islamic territories!! Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan(tribal areas which is a very big area).

ForTheFallen3343d ago

You could even be the faceless operative that planted the bombs in the building weeks before the incident as reported by employees!

Loads of fun! Or maybe actually detonate the building in real time!


Seriously, F**K the Military-Industrial Complex and **** the standing armies we have; Army and Marines in particular.

Navy and Air force are actually necessary.

Supernatural243343d ago

I agree. Preventing it would be awesome.

Assassin's Creed is about going back in time and assassinating people, right? Why not add that to the 3rd game (if there is) and stop everything before it happens?

But what would be perfect is to be Jack Bauer and prevent everything from happening. Anything from finding clues to torturing a terrorist for information, driving and shooting included!

If you're simply a worker stuck in a building, I have no interest whatsoever in playing a game like that.

Oh, and by the way, anybody saw the last minute of the "Fringe" season-finale? It featured the Twin Towers. Either she is in the past or is in an alternate world where everything is fine.

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tdrules3343d ago

you cant "play" a terrorist attack WTF
anyone who believes there should be a 9/11 game, visit the chapel next to Ground Zero.
then tell me it would be "awesome" and "fun"

BlinkGT3343d ago

I visited the beaches in Normandie (France) and i played Call Of Duty 2.

Alvadr3343d ago

I think the phrase is 'Too soon'.

WW2 was over 60years ago. 911 isnt even a decade

Timesplitter143343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )


You think waiting will make it any less tragic or something?

Bnet3433343d ago

Everyone here was alive when 9/11 happened, it is too soon. 50 years from now it would be okay to relive history, but this is just too recent.

cryymoar3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

idk why you are being disagreed with.
He has a point.
In 60 years, 9/11 will just become another statistic?
And possibly the center of the best video game franchise in history that our great-grandchildren will be playing. Much like how we adore the Call Of Duty franchise.
Plus, there's already been 2 big-screen movies about 9/11 and I don't think there was much ranting over it. A video game would just be an interactive version of the 9/11 event.

3343d ago
BWS19823343d ago

Get a clue. How are you drawing correlations here? Name a game that is popular that has civilians THAT REALLY LIVED AND DIED that you are killing. GTA is not a real-life representation of real tragedy, it is a simulation of faceless and fictional killing. Wow, just wow people....

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ThatDamnGeordie3343d ago

if i could blow the towers up, then yes i would

3343d ago
snaz273343d ago

so i take it you guys dont play any war games then? you dont play cod games? you have never played a medal of honor game?... you lot are so hypocritical! seriously what the hell is the difference? and to answer the question from the article yeah id play it aslong as the game was any good... if it was crap and just trying to make sales because of the setting then no... just like any other game i guess.

IaMs123343d ago

There is a freaking difference man between War games, Six days in Fallujah from a 9/11 game. 9/11 was a terrorist attack not a literally a war happening down town and the towers happen to blow up it was a dilberate attack and more people have died there than Pearl Harbor. I knew people who were in those buildings, the one i knew personally got out and said F that after he saw the first building get hit. The others my father knew, a NYP helping innocent lives get out of the building and it fell on him. Why would you want to see innocent lives get slaughter and thats it for a game? How can this be a game? Im sorry but terrorist attacks like these are not to be made for games even bombings in london. Im sorry it is different but it is hard to explain in words, perhaps google some pics.

snaz273343d ago

so the us and the uk can go to a country and drop loads of bombs but thats ok yeah? but people that cant afford bombs steal a plane and use that instead but thats terrorism? to me they are both the same, and the us and the uk (by the way i live in the uk) have been going round bombing countries for years!!! like iraq! you think that this latest invasion of theres was the first? nope they bombed them for 10 YEARS before that! but wow us get hit and its the worst thing that has ever happened yada yada yada! bullsh!t mate! it was bound to happen and im sure it wont be the last, its life... do you think the german elderly folk think its great to have films on hitler and have us shooting them with glee on video games! your off your head mate! double standards much?

cryymoar3343d ago

"use the boost to get through!"

3343d ago
BWS19823343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

where YOU WERE SHOOTING UNARMED CIVILIANS WHO REALLY LIVED AND DIED IN REAL LIFE, I'd like to know how you modded the game to that degree, that NEVER happened. Last I checked it's an actual war in CoD and Medal of Honor games killing people who are trying to kill you, not flying a plane into a building filled with office workers and innocents. You're sick.

snaz273343d ago

everyone in world war 1 and 2 wanted to fight so thats ok then to kill them again for fun? so because these people wanted to fight it was fun for them so no harm done? also are you saying that during these wars no innocent people were killed? oh and btw you do realise people were FORCED to fight in the world wars on all sides and that if they didnt they would be SHOT! and i suppose you people on your high horeses dont like driving round in gta and moving a few people down do ya? innocent people lmao... you could say what about people that have died in the same way and there families!... tell you what if it had been another country it had happened to it would be nothing! but cos its the us! its omg it awful! THEY DROP BOMBS ON INNOCENT PEOPLE! WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF YOU LIVED IN IRAQ OR ELSEWHERE AND THEY BOMBED YOUR WHOLE FAMLIY!? would you guts not want revenge? think about it! and to me a game is a game, ive played war games where you can spend money on a prossie! is that ok then? whatever!