New Releases May 24 - inFamous Edition

So, you're a gamer looking for games to play this week since you are all lazy and heavy from the festivities and eating lots of food while drinking beer? Well congratulations! You've come to the right place where we tell you what new games are hitting your local retailers when we get ready for work on Tuesday!

There are a couple of exciting titles poping up this week, look for inFamous, Damnation and Wallice and Gromit on XBLA. Full list of releases below.

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RonyDean3374d ago

I have to pick up this game! After playing the demo iv really been looking forward to it!

CadDad3374d ago

I just picked my copy up on my lunch break!


locos853374d ago

Just picked up my copy during my lunch break. I can't wait to get home and ZAP!!!

Uncle Rico3374d ago

Well, inFamous was the only thing I cared about on that list. :P

RonyDean3374d ago

Yeah, Damnation looks kinda cool. But not worth buying.

Uncle Rico3374d ago

I tried Age of Pirates 2 and it was rly funny, you should check that out some time.

Sangria3374d ago

It will be inFamous and Sacred 2 for me this week (releasing respectively the 27th and 28th in France). Damnation reviews totally froze me.

sultanroma3374d ago

LOOOOOOOOL Cross edge on pc

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