Restaurant Empire 2 Trailer

Paradox Interactive has released a trailer for Restaurant Empire 2, the sequel to the popular Restaurant Empire.

This latest version of the game will introduce over 700 pieces of new furniture, American themes, German cuisine and the city of Munich to build in. Players can also create different types of businesses such as coffee shops and a dessert house. New features include the ability to change your staff's uniform colour.

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Maticus3191d ago

Am I weird for thinking that looks quite good fun? :-/

lothaer3191d ago

do they serve Blacked Basilisk?

Leord3191d ago

You mean Blackened Basilisk? :)

AndyA3191d ago

German cuisine eh? Tasty.

Leord3191d ago

Helga, pass the saurkraut! :P

(spelling. I have no clue how it's spelled)

Leord3191d ago

Sounds like sims/cim city for restaurants :)

Maticus3191d ago

Looks very similar doesn't it.

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