Infamous Demo Contains Hidden Home Goodies

Several people who have signed up for official PlayStation newsletters have been receiving a newsletter stating that the Infamous demo unlocks a free Cole costume for your Home Avatar, The newsletter itself was not completely clear on how to unlock the costume. The official PlayStation Home forums were being bombarded with threads asking how to unlock the costume.

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DJ3368d ago

I gotta get back on Home again.

SL1M DADDY3368d ago

I remember when the nija outfit hit Home. Man there was a ton of folks that wore that one. At least this one is free!

Chubear3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Men, there are so many gaming outfits in HOME. This one will just be one of the many you see around that's all.

There's one of my avatars that this outfit would look awesome on. Can't wait to check it out. HOME really does need some sort of Video recording feature that you can upload unto youtube like with some games like Pixel Junk Monsters.

king dong33368d ago

what do you people do in home? lol, i downloaded it, downloaded some other stuff for it, entered it for five minutes, then signed out in a state of utter boredom never to touch it again!

each to their own i guess, but at the moment for me it seems a pretty pointless app. and the only thing going for it is the fact that it doesn't carry a price tag! perhaps they can change it in the future though??

anyway on topic, cant wait for infamous! cracking demo!

Redempteur3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

i play ..
i log every morning to check the status of Xi ( i have all the fragments and butterflies so far )
and then if i have free time i play one or two pokers at the EA space ..
There are numerous days when i started to talk in these two areas ( ea and xi ) and i continued my chats somewhere else with one , two or three other home users ( in a private space or other area ) .
i met some good players of wipeout , GTa4 and soul 4 players ..( they are in my friend list now ..and it happens that i play with them at theses games quite often ..

so that's what i do when i log in home ..
But i can understand it can get boring if you're afraid of talking to strangers ... You must know that there are things to do if you look ..

XXXCouture3368d ago

i just use home when im bored. its alright if you have friends in there where we can talk and just uhmm.. hang out i guess?

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Voozi3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Hey guys, this is information directly from the Community Specialist, Locust_Star.

To unlock the Cole costume, you have to complete the demo. However you won't see the costume in your inventory until roughly 1 week after the game is released.

Heres the quote.

Locust_Star wrote:

Hey guys,

Regarding the Cole costume: It will not unlock until after the game is released. It won't unlock day and date with the release, but likely within a week it will appear in user's inventories. This delay, of course, is not ideal but I think most people won't mind being patient as long as they know that it is coming. Any help in spreading that word is appreciated.

StalkingSilence3368d ago

I'll make sure to complete it. thx!

Voozi3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

No problem, incase you need a link to cite There he links to the quote that I pasted here which was posted by one of the community volunteers

DlocDaBudSmoka3368d ago

now i have to beat the demo, instead of the full game, jus bought it last night at 12:01a. The full game of inFamous is the bees knees, lmao.

jonboi243368d ago

home goodies in a demo, whats next demos with trophies?

Redempteur3368d ago

that's won't happen ..
but there are many Downloadable démos with trophy support that is unlocked when you buy the full game..

but this is COOL ..if i knew some démo had goodies i'll make sure to complete it in order to get my gift ...

GiantEnemyCrab3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

That is very cool! I tell you one thing when it comes to giving little gadgets and doodads away Sony has MS beat. Home Avatars >>>>> Xbox Avatars.

What a cool idea and a great thank you to fans.

I about to go fire up the full game and get to saving Empire City.