NYDailynews Review: Infamous

In a word, "InFamous" is electric.

It's time to plug your Playstation 3 back in, Sony finally has an exclusive title that is more than worth gamers' time.

"InFamous" sizzles with electrical superpowers, parkour-style platforming and an intriguing story of power, responsibility and science gone mad.

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DFogz3342d ago

Just wanna say that if you pre-ordered, the card for the exclusive power says it won't work until next week, it does work now. Also if you got it from GameStop, there is the Uncharted Beta in the game case AND they hand you one! The one they hand you also has an extra code on it for an exclusive item to be used in the multiplayer!

Got a lot more than I expected! inFamous is an amazing game and definitely worth buying.

Nineball21123342d ago

I keep hearing that it's amazing. The demo was certainly very cool and fun to play.

I've got this one on my "must buy" list!

Also, anyone else notice the slight dig at the PS3 in the review? "It's time to plug your Playstation 3 back in". LOL!

Mine has been plugged in and getting heavy use since I bought it. :D

PirateThom3342d ago

Jeff on the PSBlog had said those codes were printed up before the game was moved forward.

Orange3342d ago

the demo had an awful lot of pop-in and was a little glitching (Cole shifted up and through a cab at one point). does the full game look more polished?

yeah, my ps3 is the only thing other than the tv that's stayed plugged in. just got the platinum trophy in Uncharted and am dying to play the Among Thieves beta.

Socomer 19793342d ago

I told you guys that america is ignorant to the playstation 3 but just like folklore, when you pick up these hidden gems you'll never stop searching and finding your most favorite game of all time only on a playstation 3.

Lastlivingsoul3342d ago

yeah, its my 360 that hasn't been plugged in for months. Been loving the PS3.