Why Heavy Rain being pushed back to 2010 is a good move

Gary A Swaby from writes: Rumors have hit the Internet today, revealing that Heavy Rain will most likely not make it in 2009. Although it has not been made official, this article is to reflect my reasons of why I think it would be the best move. Most websites are looking at this as a huge let down, but I for one think that this is the best thing for Sony to do and I have my reasons.

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solidjun53192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Uhhh...It hasn't been officially confirmed that the title was pushed to 2010. Heck, I don't even recall the game was set to be released in 2009. O_o

EDIT: Oh okay. Sorry for the mis-interpretation.

anh_duong3191d ago

why is the author (Gary Swaby) wearing a dinner ladies' hat?

Rock Bottom3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

We have Uncharted 2, GOW3, R&C, MAG(not sure), and then there's the Multiplatform big names like AC2, COD:MW 2, Bioshock 2 and last(also least) Prototype.

SwiffEpics3192d ago

I know it's not official yet, but I am just stating why It would be a good move if true.

Socomer 19793191d ago

I have more than enough confidence in sony to provide plenty of software in the meantime. Heavy Rain is a experience.

Grown Folks Talk3191d ago

for October/November of this year. Apparently one of the people working on the game said 2010 while he was showing off a demo. I'm getting it either way. Would prefer this year, but what can you do?

T-What3191d ago

I know what you mean, out of 6 new interviews one guy (who is not David Cage) said next year but in all the other videos David Cage himself says Sony will announce the release date at E3 and that the game is completed all they have left to do is polish it.

Why would Sony bother with a release date if it was so far away (2010) when they could announce there massive list for 2009 instead, also if all they have left to do is polish like David Cage said I'm pretty sure they can finish that up within the next few months.

PROOF = 2 videos

This is not directed towards anyone just me speculating, and hoping.