Eurogamer : Yakuza 3 import review

Keza MacDonald from Eurogamer writes:

"Yakuza 3 is the truest representation of modern Japan in videogames. Not in the overwrought melodrama of the story, which largely barrels by in a blur of crying orphans and angry men shouting at one another before taking their tops off and smacking each other around, but in the incidental detail: the vending machines, arcades, bars, the incessant welcoming calls of 'irassyaimasseeeee!' from shop staff, and the Okinawan side streets housing mysterious buildings of inscrutable function.

And like modern Japan, Yakuza 3 feels like a jarring contradiction of stubborn traditionalism and sleek modernity. It is a beautiful game lavished with attention to detail, the production values and budget are sky-high, and the quality and authenticity of the acting and plot (if you can forgive the aforementioned melodrama) is far, far ahead of others in the genre. But underneath it all is a game that's barely changed since the original Ryu ga Gotoku in 2005."

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Socomer 19793339d ago

Before N4G I never heard of Eurogamer. They really suck. Does this site have its own fans or are they really struggling to stay alive over there. I cant relate to anything from here. thats really bad because im pretty open minded.

predator3339d ago

you dont visit many sites do you? Eurogamer is prob one of the biggest gaming sites in europe

Sangria3339d ago

They just are particularly well known for scoring games lower than the average, a bit like Edge magazine. I will never forgive them for the 5/10 to Folklore. But Eurogamer is still one of the biggest European gaming site.

maniacmayhem3339d ago

"thats really bad because im pretty open minded."

HAHAHA...oh man, that was a good one Socomer 1979

*wipes tear from my eye*

Open minded...HAHAHAHAHA...for a moment there I thought you were serious.

aldesko3339d ago

Wow, same score as MGS4.

ifhd3339d ago

day one .
or do i need to import it.

Serious Swagger3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Does anybody know if this is likely to be released in Europe?

Sangria3339d ago

It took two years to Sega to port Yakuza 2 from Japan to US and Europe, if they don't do an exception, we may not see Yakuza 3 or Kenzan after a while, unless they make an announcement at E3 or next TGS / GDC.