Ubisoft's Killing Day Back from the Grave, C.O.P- Recruit Incoming

Ubisoft's first person shooter that was designed specifically for next generation consoles with insurmountable amount of destruction is back from the grave, the last bits of information listed the game being put indefinitely on hold. Ubisoft recently filed a fresh trademark for the game.

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sutton323344d ago

woahhh seriously? i remember the original trailer before the ps3 was even release (atleast over here in the UK) it looked awesome, looking forward to hearing more about this, wonder if it will be multi-plat. i hope so dont want anyone missing out on this game it looks like it has a lot of potential

Nice3344d ago

with you on that one this E3 is gonna be biggg....

100003344d ago

AC2,Splinter Cell Conviction and now this....