Resident Evil 5 soundtrack now available

Sumthing Else Music Works, in collaboration with Capcom, have announced that the Resident Evil 5 Original Soundtrack is now available at retailers and as a digital download.

The soundtrack features the original music score from Resident Evil 5, which was laboured over by the game's lead composer, Kota Suzuki. Suzuki comments on the development of the soundtrack, and his approach to the music, saying:

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Rockox3486d ago

Now with the sound of thousands of fans b!tching about the archaic control scheme!!

Rhezin3486d ago

to videogames. That's ultimate nerd in my book. That's you need to get laid in my book. That's move out of the basement of the parents house and get a f!cking job in my book.

"Guess what I'm doing today?!" "What?" "I'M GETTING THE RESIDENT EVIL 5 SOUNDTRACK!" wow I bet you'd be the center of attention there. And not in a good way.

Nelson M3486d ago

Who still lives in his parents basement and has never been laid and aint got no job
And has just bought the soundtrack to the film Titanic