Ubisoft Set To Unveil Assassin's Creed 2 in a 'Major Way'

Badassgamer: "We have received an insightful report from an anonymous, yet reliable tipster that come E3, Ubisoft will unveil their upcoming Renaissance-based Assassin's Creed II..."

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galgor3486d ago

All aboard the hype train! There best be significant changes to the game.. otherwise it'll be another repetitive shiny experience.

PS360DS3486d ago

might be the best ever!!

DFogz3486d ago

I'm willing to bet they'll go all out with it. They'll probably have someone come on stage dressed as the main character Ezio and do a demo to show off some of his new moves. I'm guessing that we'll get an early fall '09 release date at the end.

solidjun53486d ago

It was just waaaaaaaaaaay too repetitive and so easy. Other than that, I liked the story...with the exception of the ending. I personally can't wait to play it.

OperationFlashpoint23486d ago

indeed the fighting system could have done with some more challenge

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