IncGamers: MMO Weekly 26/05/09

IncGamers' regular report into the world of MMO gaming is back, as Jeff Hollis investigates the art of quest design.

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AndyA3069d ago

Good article - one of the main reasons I struggle with some MMOs is because the quests are so one-dimensional until you level up enough to advance through the story.

Leord3069d ago

Yeah. As I said below, it's one of those things that also are quite hard to change in an easy, standardised way.

Maticus3069d ago

"...but with the extermination of an entire population of local gnolls, goblins, gnomes, or other sentient beings."

The extermination of Gnomes? Sounds awesome!

Leord3069d ago

Lol, is the pic a description of one of these things then? :)

Cogo3069d ago

Hehe, could well be. Who doesn't hate gnomes? :)

Leord3069d ago

Quest design is actually one of the most interesting aspects of RPGs in general. How do one make a task different than just "Go to Y, kill 50 X, return to Z"?

Fyzzu3069d ago

A lot of interesting insights into the industry in this article. And no, I wasn't going for alliteration in that post.