WoW's First Cross-Language Battlegroups Go Live

During World of Warcraft's server maintenance tomorrow, Blizzard will implement the new cross-language battlegroup feature on European realms.

From that point, selected battlegroups will be made up of players from across Europe instead of just those from the same localisation. Anyone worried that WoW's battlegrounds will suddenly be filled with (more?) people shouting orders in a foreign language can relax – according to the cross-language battlegroup FAQ, all players on one side will be selected from the same language

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Dorjan3461d ago

Wow, world of warcraft are SO LATE in bringing in features like this...

Leord3461d ago

I think you'll find they have been late with almost every feature in the game. They just happen to execute it the best, and therefore retain players. :)

Maticus3461d ago

It was probably the technical difficulties that delayed it. I can't see any other reason.

Malfurion3461d ago

That's good news, less waiting for battlegrounds :)

Leord3461d ago

Had major issue with waiting before?

Maticus3461d ago

Some realms are terrible, others have no problems at all.

I recently moved to a new realm and was shocked to see that there was not 15 games of AV going on, in fact, there was only 1. And in that 1 game, there were 40 Horde and 10 Alliance. Makes me wish I hadn't moved, but I couldn't put up with PvP server mentality anymore...

Fyzzu3461d ago

Nice touch. I can't say I've had a problem finding full BGs, though, so it presumably won't affect me too much.

AndyA3461d ago

Nope, haven't had many problems in this area either.

Leord3461d ago

Oh, really smart. Similar to that WAR feature with country vs country battles :)

SCFreelancer3461d ago

How does that work? Is it fun?