Heavy Rain put back to 2010?

On the latest episode of the GameTrailers TV show at roughly 19 minutes 30 seconds, it is reported by the presenter, Geoff Keighley, that the eagerly awaited Heavy Rain will be coming "next year".

Was this a simple slip of the tongue, maybe he simply meant "over the next year" or something similar?

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ShinnokDrako3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Well, from one side i'm a bit sad cause i really wanted this game. From the other side i'm happy cause:
1) this year i'm going to get a lot of great games for my ps3, too many and too good, so if one of them comes out next year is ok for my wallet ;P
2) it can improve and can get even better with more time for it. It doesn't need according to me, since it looks wonderful, but never knows.

smokeybeef3071d ago

The game does look fantastic, I suppose I see what you mean, there's plenty of games to keep us going through to 2010 so one less on the wallet is a good thing.

GVON3070d ago

Then I can see seriously GOW3 coming this christmas,and as with GT5p,KZ2 this will launch around march.

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gaffyh3070d ago

They haven't announced a release date for it ever, so it isn't really delayed if it's coming out in 2010. I kinda hope it is coming out in 2010, 2009 is already quite packed with games.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3070d ago

It would be:

Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
The Agency
Quantum Theory?
All those Cellius games.

The only confirmed games to hit the West this year other than Killzone 2 and Infamous are probably Ratchet and clank ACIT, Uncharted 2, Yakuza 3, White Knight Chronicles, Demon's Soul and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I hope Quantum Theory, GT5 and MAG make it for this year.

SuperM3070d ago

ehm MAG is coming this year. And i just think this is a mistake, because Heavy rain has been set for a 2009 release, and david cage said in an interview that they were on schedule. i dont think they have told mr keighley that the game is being delayed if that is the case.

Anon19743070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I pointed out that Gametrailers haven't been the most credible source in the past and my post was deleted by the mod, despite the majority of people agreeing. What do you suppose that's about? Everyone's aware of the issues Gametrailers have had in the past. It's not like it's a secret.

Kids, always remember to consider the source of the news you read.

Edit: I still can't get over that. Why would the mod's on this site censor something critical of Gametrailers given GT's history?

king dong33070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

out of the list of zuperzz amazingzz pstriple exclusivezzzz, i only want infamous, the agency, gt5, uncharted2 and mag. imo the rest dont seem nothing to amazing! those i've mentioned are all day ones for me, but the rest i wont be buying.

and on a side note, seriously, people should just let heavy rain slide under the radar, coz when this game flops hard, n4g is going to turn into world nerd war 3!

darkride66: perhaps because the mods like the rest of us just sick to death of your boring pointless sony obsessed posts. bubbles minus for being the most boring uninteresting fanboy on the net!

GameGambits3070d ago

Not to come off like a dbag, but this game should take as much time as it can get out of Sony to really give it variety. If you've played Indigo there was only 3 things you did, and to help Heavy Rain out I'd like at least 10 different things to be doing. Plus from what I've read the game uses a weird control scheme for movement which can also end up screwing the pooch on this game if they don't give it at least customizable options in that regard.

Idk pushing it 2010 not a huge deal to me since it seems like this year is filled with a lot more games to get money purchases. It should pull a Killzone 2 and come out early in the year so it has no competition. :)

ThanatosDMC3070d ago

Dont forget Demon's Souls. I've been watching the gameplay in youtube for a long long time. I also see Pennywise playing the game everyday he turns on his PS3. Anyway, instead of waiting for an NA version... i guess, i'll just import it from ebay.

Korean or Asian version for the English text and dub, right?

whoelse3070d ago

I wouldn't be surprised because the info coming in on the game has been lacklustre until recently.

Aquanox3070d ago

And it starts all over again...

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Cajun Chicken3071d ago

There's a lot of games already coming out exclusive to PS3 later this year and over the next few months, it's personally better for Sony and us on the whole. Besides, it still doesn't look fully polished, I wouldn't be surprised for it to come out next February or something.

xabmol3070d ago

I see what you're saying.

Danja3071d ago

I really hope not this is one of the main games I have been looking forward to since last year actually... not another delay :(

snaz273070d ago

you would rather it comes out when its not ready than have a delay? personally they can hold it back for aslong as they like, i prefer my games polished and as great as they can be! i dont want a game rushed out just to hit a target, which is to be honest what i think has happened with infamous, they said themselves it was a real struggle to hit the deadline, but i forgive them as its their first game on the ps3, i think next time they will do much much better.... btw im not saying infamous is crap or anything just its not as polished or as great as it could have been... its the same with gt5! take aslong as you like i say! i want it to be awesome and im sure it will be.

Karum3070d ago

inFAMOUS was pushed forward and in all of the reviews I've read there were only soem very minor problems present. Yeah they couls maybe have spent a little more time polishing but as far as I can tell that game is pretty much finished in terms of development.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3070d ago

It got delayed and then it got pushed forward just a month

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Karum3070d ago

Was there ever even anything concrete that said this game will come out in the fall of 2009? Because I can't remember anything that said so.

All I recall reading is Sony saying it'd be out in 2009 which means their fiscal year 2009 which runs until March 2010.

They also said GOW3 was going to be a 2009 release but 2009 as per their fiscal year meaning it'll actually release in 2010 some time.

It's silly reporting and assumptions like this that drive people to false conclusions.

Chris3993070d ago

Very different terms. A year starts in January and runs till December. Sony's Fiscal year starts later and runs until March.

The only thing confusing around here are stories made out of nothingness.

inveni03070d ago

I'd have to find it, but I think 2009 was listed at the end of one of the E3 videos for it last year.

Karum3070d ago

That could still refer to the 2009 fiscal year. Now personally if I saw it in a trailer and it said 2009 I'd take it as the 2009 calendar year rather than the 2009 fiscal year but I don't remember anything actually being officially announced for the 2009 calendar year.

Sony listed a lot of games in a press release a couple of months back and referred to their 2009 fiscal year releases which included GOW3 and Uncharted 2 but GOW3 isn't expected by anyone to be released until the 2010 calendar year.

Now what I think is that early 2010 is probably a more sensible release date for this game unless there aren't many more PS3 exclusives besides Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank - releasing so many exclusives in a short time period probably isn't the best idea but it didn't seem to bother sony last year so maybe it will be released this calendar year.

I guess we'll just have to wait for E3 to see if we hear something concrete.

Johnny Rotten3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I thought this and God of War were both announced for the 2009 fiscal year which ends in March? Technically it's 2010 but it depends on who's saying it I guess?

edit: karum beat me to it!! I remember this was news like 2 months ago and everybody was cool back then so whats the problem now?

Sangria3070d ago

Actually, the 2008 trailer showed a 2009 release, and a hint in the video pointed to November 3rd.

Johnny Rotten3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

this is the news I was referring to which was a stament that was released in Feb 2009:

"The February 27 release of Killzone 2 "ushers in an unprecedented year of titles to hit the PlayStation platform THROUGHOUT THE YEAR including the blockbuster exclusives Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, inFamous, MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III and MLB 09 The Show," Sony writes.

Antan3070d ago

Take a listen to this. Jeff Rona is composing the score for GOW3 and he says in this interview the score won`t be recorded till fall 09.

March 2010 it is.

Eiffel3070d ago

What was announced previously does not mean the company can stay true to that release date. Things can change, We were told Killzone 2 would release in 2008, but was later delayed until early 2009.

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