The best games in the world right now "Allow us to present the finest games available for current generation systems: the 10 must-have titles for each machine that would build you an instant, well-rounded games library.

Whether you've got a new console and want to catch up on its most memorable releases, or if you're just looking to fill some holes in your current collection, you'll find 10 essential titles for each of the major platforms here."

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Nelson M3486d ago

And you wont go far wrong
MGS4 is defiantly the Greatest to Date
Only to be Bettered by MGS5

Whitefeather3486d ago

Nah MGS5 won't be better than MGS4. Without Snake it won't be the same.

Halo3 MLG Pro3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Damn way to many pages. Just saw the 360 list. Wow that was a craptacular list. No Mass Effect? Instead they have some Xbox Live pinball game? LMAO.

Jinxstar3486d ago

Thats the reason I hate "Top 10" lists of any kind. Everyone feels the same. "This great game got left out". these lists aren't news imo... just opinion of someone who isn't part of the industry and this barely qualifies in the guidelines as news... If you stretch it. 90% of the comments on this page will be 'Where's X game, Stupid article"

Game13a13y3486d ago

the 360 list is full of multiplats, wow...

raztad3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

It's a bit shocking to see a lot of multiplats in the top best 360 games. Those multiplats definitely ARENT in my top ten best games on the PS3.

VC should be right there close to MGS4.

Mu5afir3486d ago

360 is a list of multi platform games.. at least list more exclusives.

brandonk1293486d ago

Pretty accurate PS3 list, but the xbox list shoulda had crackdown and mass effect.

slpknt6sic63486d ago

they said and i quote "But between the first-person shooting, ground vehicle and aerial combat and multiple game types (capture the flag, team deathmatch and so on), you’ll more than get your money’s worth." about warhawk... but i thought it was third person shooting not fps. i do agree tho warhawk is one of the best psn experiences available. hell it best xbl too. :)

Timesplitter143486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Only 2 exclusives in the 360 list...

this guy is ridiculous

MazzingerZ3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

for gamers is obvious that those gamer are multiplatform but for the average Joe to see that a GTA game, Fallout game, Burnout, Rock Band it makes it appear as those titles are only on that platform in addition to Halo 3 and Gears

The PS3 list contains actually titles that are actually only on that platform and to list them doesn't hurt MSFT as that's a fact...the average Joe hears here and there about RockBand, GTA or GOTY Fallout, "a friend's son plays RockBand" "a friend's boyfriend plays a lot GTA"...and so on...they don't hear much about someone playing Warhawk, Uncharted and so...

it would hurt MSFT to clarify that PS3 do also actually have GTA, FAllout, Burnout and RockBand which of course MSN doesn't do...

it would hurt MSFT to include Forza 2, Mass from 2007

to include those XBLA games in combination with the other titles markets the console as a console that has something for everybody...

SONY is making a big mistake by concentrating in 1st party game when it comes to interviews and marketing as since they are seldom named as part of the PS3 line-up Microsoft can easily market them as X360 exclusives....remember last year? they talked about GH and RB as if they were 1st party...many people thought they were...average joe I mean...

well, their problem...I'm happy with AAA games

JaPo3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Oh just grow up, MazzingerZ. Not everything's a conspiracy, no matter how much your paranoid self likes to think so.

The current exclusive line-up for PS3, as this article demonstrates, is far superior to the competing consoles'. It certainly took a while, but the 360 isn't churning out the awesome exclusives like it used to. Sony have been consistent over the past year and a half and, as a PS3 owner, I hope this continues.

On a side note: Where in God's name is COD4? That game trumps near all of this entire generation.

cyberwaffles3486d ago

brilliant deduction, never thought of it like that. its still a cheap ploy to trick consumers as the ps3 still has those multiplats and then some, but it makes sense. not sure why you got disagrees.

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LightofDarkness3486d ago

Note how there are only 2 multi-platform games on the entire PS3 list. That speaks volumes right there.

heyheyhey3486d ago

yep.. and they could've easily included Valkyria Chronicles and Motorstorm: PR there

but no COD4? weak

Downtown boogey3486d ago

Why aren't they there?
Still, props for Ratchet and Clank: ToD!

heyheyhey3486d ago

WipEout HD isn't £20.. it's £12, making it the best deal on PSN (apart from PJMonsters for £3.50).. it's such an amazing game

surprising that MicrosoftSN actually managed to throw up a great PS3 list, and a crappy 360 list by comparison (excluding Fable 2, Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden 2).. i thought the point of proprietary publications was promoting your own products?

LightofDarkness3486d ago

Unless this is some sorry ploy by MSN to prove they are unbiased somehow.

edgeofblade3486d ago

Microsoft says something nice about the competition and all you can do is ridicule them? What if Sony suddenly published their top games on the 360? Would you think that's a generous gesture, or would you call the same foul?

LightofDarkness3486d ago

edgeofblade: Microsoft are a corporation. They don't do things purely out of the kindness of their own hearts. There's always an ulterior motive, they're always working an angle. PR is a very subversive business.

All they're trying to do here is win some respect, some sway, with the Sony die-hards. It's as transparent as the air itself.

edgeofblade3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I know about business. Odds are I would run a more cutthroat company than you would.

Back on topic.

... or it's the writer's job to make a list about the top 10 games on each platform and to do so in a professional manner. I mean, give them a break. They even disclosed the MSN/Microsoft relationship on the front end, so even the acronym challenged would know this is an MS site.

I have no doubt if I walked up to Hyrb, Hirai, and Iwata and asked them to say something nice about the competition, I would be lucky to get ONE of them to dish. But not everything is an angle. Did you see them recommend SFIV on PS3 over the 360 because they admitted the d-pad sucks?

I think you just distrust Microsoft more than you would distrust anyone else.

DaTruth3486d ago

You can understand the confusion! A completely unbiased article...from Microsoft none the less! An unbiased video game article...on N4G. Hell has frozen over and the snow is flying pigs!

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