StarCraft 2 Beta Featuring Map Editor "Confirmed"

StarcraftWire Chinese specialist report about the official Blizzard Fansite Summit for Chinese sites, an event where Blizzard invited a number of big Chinese fansites to their offices in China to try out the StarCraft 2 Alpha.

In the report, Chinese representatives from Blizzard confirmed that the Chinese players will play on the North American beta (which is the first beta to start), and details about the Map Editor as well as some guidelines on System Requirements.

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kerriganss3486d ago

.... the F***! LOTS OF LOVE! :D

Maticus3486d ago

Good to see it's getting closer!

Cogo3486d ago

Everyone criticise Blizz for announcing SC2 so early, but looking at other releases from them, they are still right on schedule.

It's just rabid SC2 fans screaming.

Leord3486d ago

Well, this is the first official mention of a Map editor in the beta, so great news!

Malfurion3486d ago

So if the beta is coming to NA first, how come guys in China get this fansite summit before anyone else? Or is that the reason?

Leord3486d ago

The Summit is not related to the beta. The Summit is likely held either to introduce the fansites to the program, or to be an event instead of the BlizzCon 2009 that some fansites are invited to, in a similar fashion.

Cogo3486d ago

The reason why they get in to the first round of betas is probably just because Blizzard can't be arsed to fix all the servers needed.

OR, it's just a way to cater to Chinese fans, since it might actually become their biggest market...

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