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Product3284d ago

Good debut for UFC, now where the hell is Punch-Out!!

3283d ago
Don_Frappucino3284d ago

Why is it still selling. Its crap

Anon19743284d ago

A metacritic score of 85 and millions of games sold says the majority is solidly against you on this one.

I think WAW is fantastic and a pleasant surprise given Treyarch's average Call of Duty 3. They really stepped up their game.

peeps3283d ago

"They really stepped up their game."

they didn't at all tbh, they just re skinned COD4, which is why it was a decent game. Imo though it was a shame cus obv it wasn't progressing the franchise in any way (but hopefully thats wot mw2 will do)

SL1M DADDY3283d ago

New maps, Zombies, decent single player... ZOMBIES! Need I say more?

ShabzS3283d ago

waw rocks .. i've spent more time playing tdm and nazi zombies on waw than free for all in cod 4 ... its an amazing edition to the cod series

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Socomer 19793284d ago

Is the U.K. not good enough for you europeans?
Are you still just waiting for NPD?

Dread3284d ago

where is killzone

i thought this would be a top seller in the Uk

Anon19743283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Typically, even a highly anticipated game will have fallen off by this point. When you look at sales trends, these type of games tend to sell strong the first week, half that the next, half that the next until by about ten weeks they're selling steadily around the 30,000 mark worldwide. Even monster hits like Gears 2 follow this same pattern.

What I find a little surprising is the continued strength of games like RE:5 and COD: WAW. I didn't think we'd still be seeing them on the charts after a couple of months had passed, unless they're adding up totals across all consoles.

PirateThom3283d ago

Killzone 2 is currently at 16th in the Individual format charts.

The Meerkat3284d ago

Battlestations Pacific @ 19.

The best game on the 360 this year.

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