Eurogamer Portugal: inFAMOUS review

Eurogamer Portugal review for inFAMOUS:

"inFAMOUS is simply one of the most fun games I've played this generation and probably the most fun game I've played this year. If you cannot buy it you've got to borrow it because you'll have a lot of fun. Sucker Punch manages a balanced result with fine arguments to attract the player and cole, the city and his story gives us a lot of pleasure to meet."

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onijutsu3065d ago

man its kinda hard to see why eurogamer gave it a 7, and their portugal operations manage to give it a 9...


michael jackson popcorn gif...

SuperM3065d ago

Eurogamer portugal is generally more fond of PS3 games then

I certainly trust them alot more.

SL1M DADDY3065d ago

Unlike the rest of Eurogamer. lol

duarteq3065d ago

To be honest Portugal is consider, one of Sony Land's in Europe. Although is a little country, the market penetration with Sony Products is about 85%. Yeah, yeah, i know there is a Console with the name of Xbox or other with the name of Wii, but even our football trainers make fun with the playstation, so it is a well known brand.


theEnemy3065d ago

has always been an attention whore on their reviews of PS3 exclusives.

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Dipso3065d ago

Its kinda hard to see why I love seafood but my old lady detests it...oh no, that would be a matter of taste.

Should get interesting in here alright...

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techie3065d ago

TheSixthAxis gave it 7/10 and they only review PS games...

CoxMulder3065d ago

Hadn't read any interesting articles from thesixthaxis in a looong time, but 1 -way below average- review and suddenly they're 'back on top'!! /s

Dipso3065d ago

"kiddo?"..pardon my ignorance but could you please explain the use of that word in your Euro Gamer bias comment.

THC CELL3065d ago

in my own words i think they dont like ps3 and they bum xbox
there u go

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