Epic Games Founder- Crytek Sacrificing Larger Market, Tangible Visuals Decade Away

SKOAR! writes "...Covering a wide range of subjects Sweeney discusses his early heyday projects and moves to current generation technology powering P.C's and consoles. He cities that although Crysis may be pushing technological barriers for most of the competition, its scalability on current generation consoles remains dwarfed and inconsistent thereby omitting a larger section of the gaming market that is currently thriving on their 360 and PS3s."

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onijutsu3464d ago

did they even hear about cryengine 3 and how it is optimised for consoles, sure they haven't made a console game but clearly there is room for that now..

100003464d ago

is a waterdown version of the original engine powering Crysis on the consoles...

822119863464d ago

is so damn buggy they should fix that first before moving on with anything elese...

100003464d ago

the jouro has targeted the PS3 in his question...

100003463d ago

has been stripped to work around consoles is what I meant, it is not as visually powerful as on a high end P.C.

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Nice3464d ago

I remember when carmack and sweeney were engaged in mortal combat over game engines...

281219863463d ago

who'd win in a fight between Marcus fenix and the guy from Crysis....

100003463d ago

he's chainsidomy off the guy in the nano suit...

PotNoodle3463d ago

'sif fenix could catch him. But yeah, if he managed to catch him, fenix would probably win.

7thNightvolley3463d ago

i am just glad i would be alive to see game graphics go all realistic in the next 10 to 15 years... that makes me smile..

likedamaster3463d ago

Seems like an old interview. With that said, he's right. The one thing I noticed about the Unreal Engine 3 was that it was highly scalable. Look at Gears 360 & then for the PC, and Gears PC looks 10X better. Nevertheless, Crytek has made or is in the process of a new engine that has currently addressed this issue of scalability with their new graphics engine, CryEngine 3.

YeOldeGamer3463d ago

Yes, UE3 is scalable, to allow for sharper graphics on PC...but NOT "10x better". Take away the DX10 effects, and some PC-centric shader and AA tricks....and it's the SAME GAME.