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Google Translate did a great(!) job, so we have to summarize what PS3Turkiye is thinking about inFamous.
We think that inFamous is redefining the open world rules. With the help of great controls, we can easily roaming in the city with Cole (our electric god). Sucker Punch is using the same mechanics in Sly series. Cole can hold on or climb to every building or object. And you don't need to balance your character when you do these movements. So, you can focus on your combat even you are climbing, etc..
In graphics, inFamous is not the best looking game around. But when you think other ''sandbox'' games such as Saint's Row 2, inFamous shines. With great textures and dynamic lightning effects, game is looking good. Evil-Good Karma mechanics put players in a hard position and push them to find out what is lying inside them.
As a result, inFamous is one of the best polished games in the market. With fun-to-play controls and great aiming mechanics, you don't want to miss Cole's electrifying adventure.

Presentation: 9.4 / 10
Graphics: 9 / 10
Gameplay: 9.3 / 10
Sound: 9.3 / 10
GENERAL: 9.3 / 10

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Cyrax_873462d ago

Too bad the last few reviews that I've seen (that all have a 9+ score) aren't being added to metacritic.

Equinoxe_73462d ago

Agree, inFamous should have an average at 9-9,3

I gave the demo 8

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

Many will try and convince you that Meta is not bias but in past and recent days it has become very evident that they are bias against Sony, or they at least know the hits they will generate when allowing poor reviews to be added to their ratings.

Just look at the Killzone 2 reviews. Well over a hundred great reviews and yet they post two of the worst and ignore the others. They even recently allowed a review from some obscure site nobody has heard of that gave KZ2 a 6 out of 10... Now come on, if that is not obvious enough I don't know what is.

Nathan1233462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Thanx to sites like Eurogamer, Games Radar, Sixth Axis... The overall score has gone below 90. Bloody biased sites... Just reading their review and then comparing it to reviews like IGN, one gets the picture how desperately they want to see this game go down. We are still awaiting Edge's review.... Late as always. Will probably knock 1 more point off Meta as they did with KZ2. All their bloody harshness dies when a 360 title arrives to be reviewed.

Another good review. The game is truly a must buy for every PS3 owner. I can't keep my hands off it.

@above: Dude it's not Meta that is biased it's the f*ckin sites like Edge and Eurogamers that are biased. Meta usually goes to the same sites for reviews for most games and these sites reviews always go up.
I mean they gave Halo a f*ckin 10 and gave KZ2 6 and called it generic!!!! WTF was Halo 3 then? What new did it bring to FPS genre? If they had shown some consistency, then it would be OK, but this is pure fanboyism. I am sure all PS3 exclusives will have similar fates in the hands of such sites. Just add in 3-4 points to the Meta-Critic score for any PS3 exclusive from now on.

Struz3462d ago

SL1M is right, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is biased against Sony but it sure does like to include less from the top than the bottom.

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

If there were 100 scores for a Sony title, 99 of them 100 percent and one of them a 60%, they would include the 60% without batting an eye and if it were the same scenario for MS, they would exclude the 60% and post all 100%'s. In the end, they are eager to post all bad reviews for Sony and only a handful of the positive ones whereas for MS they give a pass to many negative reviews and a free, open door to all positive reviews. It's just a bit too telling if you ask me.

table3462d ago

Don't kid yourself, metacritic is not biased against SONY it is ridiculous to think that. They don't just include any reviews they feel like they have a list of the sites that merit a score to be put on their site.

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

Keep telling yourself that. When Meta includes negative reviews from sites for Sony and yet excludes the same sites when giving negative reviews for an MS game, then I find it a bit bias. We can agree to disagree but it's hard to ignore the obvious.

Halo3 MLG Pro3462d ago

Oh cmon Slim, Cry me a river.

Lifendz3462d ago

They're probably going to give it either a 6 or a 10. You never can tell with them.

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

There's no crying going on here. I'm just an informed gamer making an educated decision to not trust sites like Meta. You should try it some day, it's quite liberating.

shocky163462d ago

But do GR? Nope and guess what inFamous is still below 90% (86)

Your argument fails.

Tony P3462d ago

It's a good game. Kind of reminds me of an open world Force Unleashed in a way. Mr. Bad Ass with area affect powers. Taking down enemies is very gratifying and I like how you can knock them out and choose not to go in for the kill. Good attention to physics too, like being able to knock grenades back with your powers.

If I have any issues (and they aren't really complaints) it's that Cole is absurdly agile and it really doesn't fit with lightning powers imo. Guy sticks to everything like he was Spider-man in a past life. I get the feeling I'll be having Prince of Persia moments. I understand the need for it when you regularly have to access rooftops, but it's damned funny to me.

Halo3 MLG Pro3461d ago

Yes Slim everything is a conspiracy, right? I swear sony fans and their childish excuses. Time to grow up.

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yoghurt3462d ago

I wander what the average would be if it hadn't have been for the 3 rogue 7/10's

I'm sure they don't do it on purpose but it's so dodgy that over 40 reviews give it 8's and mostly 9+ and these 3 sites say a 7.

yer metacritic is slow updating huh? only 1 10/10 on there but there has been several top scores

fuckoffodion3462d ago

Great Score. Can't wait to pick it up.

Bathyj3462d ago

Does anyone else think this game has some of the best 3rd person aiming controls ever. Lining enemies up just seems so easy, even when hanging from the size of a train.

And the platforming/climbing bits are awesome. You never miss a ledge or jump. Its so precise.

I was watching a prototype video thinking yeah it looks ok, very over the top. Then it occured to me this guy just runs straight up walls and flys everywhere. That might be fun too, but it takes away the climbing, one of the best parts of infamous. Its very empowering, really gives you the sense you are superpowered.

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