AATG InFamous Review

Phil May writes:

"InFamous heavily reminds me of Realtime Worlds' Crackdown, not just in the way it plays but in the way that at first you feel pretty useless and you get really frustrated at how ineffective you seem against the game's many enemies. Cole seems to come off worst in his early skirmishes against the mutant hordes roaming around in the game, but when you hop out to the pause menu and take a look at the "Powers" options, you'll realise why. Like Crackdown, you get the chance to expand your offensive and defensive capabilities in a rather unique way depending on how you choose to play the game."

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thereapersson3486d ago

Why bring up another game SO MUCH?

Why not grade the game on its own merits, instead of comparing it so heavily to other games?

Socomer 19793486d ago

Alot of noobish people played craackdown for a chance of the halo 3 beta. Im not mad that these stupid opinion writers make comparisons to crackdown. Thing is, inFamous totaly murders crackdowns gameplay because both games are incredibly simple and surprisingly fun. Crackdown had no story. which was kinda of cool because all they tell you is here some documents, these are the gangs and this is where they are at. Kill them. thats it.

If inFamous story throws you for a loop then when talking about it you sound like youre lost and you have to compare it to something. Thats when these opinion writers lose control on the comparisons. Its because they dont like the job they are doing and do not have the vocabulary to express thier views.