Top Game Recommendations for Girls

Xboxist writes, "You did it! Our boy's all grown up! Now that you succeeded in finding a girlfriend and getting her interested in games -- Now what?

Here's a neat little list of games that are sure to be a hit with that special girl in your life. Happy gaming, you two!"

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swingingape3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Good games. Article even helps out those of us still looking for a girlfriend... rofl

chidori6663005d ago

gear 1

gears 2

halo (only for f2gs)

Bloodshedder3005d ago

my girlfriend loves Monster Hunter portable 2G

Scary693005d ago

If my bf actually got me any of those games for the ps3,ds, or PSP I would murder him. Patapon is ok but not great.

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