XboxInsider: Opinion: Achievements and Gamers

Jason Hawkins of XboxInsider writes: "I overheard a conversation between gamers the other day which sparked my creative juices in regards to an opinion article, namely the one I'm writing now (let's face facts; if it wasn't, it'd be very strange). The conversation was about achievements in general; how they both competed for them, what games were best for achievements, and how what they played and their score was critiqued by all.

After listening to this conversation, I got to thinking about how I saw achievements. A public record of my gaming habits, my choices and how involved I was in games; a trophy if you will, of my gaming prowess. With this is mind, I got to asking over 50 other gamers what they thought about achievements and how or if they changed their own mindset about gaming because of them. The results, personally, I thought worthy of sharing."

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pwnamon3486d ago

Nice article ;) (maul)

Nelson M3486d ago

When a Football team wins its League or a Cup what do they Collect
A Trophy
I Rest my Case