GameFocus: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

GameFocus writes: "Western Fantasy (ie Non-Japanese) games that are Epic in gameplay and overall length have been very rare on consoles lately and the last notable one was The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. While there have been others they are mostly very light on the RPG elements and heavy on the action. Ascaron has now delivered on a huge promise of porting their less than appreciated PC RPG Sacred 2 to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. To say they delivered is a huge understatement. To top off this achievement the console version of the game is far superior to the PC version in many ways especially in the overall fun and stability aspects to the game."


+ Graphics and Audio are well done
+ Excellent multiplayer gaming
+ Single player game is long and very fun with two different campaigns
+ Controls are excellent
+ Main and Side Quests are diverse
+ Different classes are different and complement each other in multiplayer
+ Super quick load times
+ Massive seamless game world to explore
+ Dungeons look great
+ German Metal Band Blind Guardian supplied some of the music and are in the game
+ Some wicked Easter Eggs… find the Alien from Aliens?
+ Great pop culture references from music, books, movies, TV, etc.
+ A lot of game until Sacred 3 comes out


- Can grind a bit at times (problem if you do not like grinding)
- The user interface is good, but slows things down a couple of times
- Most of the voice over work is bland at best and is repetitive
- Presentation could be higher
- You cannot customize your character as much as I would like

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kingdavid3461d ago

Got this on monday. Its a massive game probably the biggest ive played in a while. I wouldnt give it a 9 probably an 7.5 to 8 because its really glitchy and the game as a whole is unoriginal but its alot of fun if you like diablo, titan quest, too human etc.

Mr Scooch3461d ago

Can you play the campaign co op on live?

Can only really see me getting this if you can

Bebedora3461d ago

They write the multi-player and co-op part is it's strengths. up to 4player via Live/PSN and 2 hotseat.

For me, this review made it look like a good game. Long, diablo-like, co-op and good, diverse environments to explore