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TrevorPhillips3461d ago

woow looks good cant wait to pick this up

GamerPS3603461d ago

may look good but off screen camera recording looks crap. But I know its BF game so bring it on.
My PC is ready for this.

HIS 4890 crossifire with 8gb DDR2.

GameGambits3461d ago

Can we go prone in this one? Seriously the only game I can think of where the sniper class didn't need prone is Killzone 2 since it gets an invisibility cloak.

I'd also like to see a straight TDM game type this time around that doesn't have vehicles in it. Maybe a smaller version of the map to play in with lower player counts to focus specifically on kicking each others butts and not crates of gold. I hated the second you spawn"RUN TO THE TANK and TEAM KILL ANYONE WHO OPPOSES YOU!" Tanks and helicopters = how you get first place in BFBC.

I guess I'm just a fan of the guns doing the talking. :(

Aggesan3461d ago


I finnish in first place quite often when I playe Bad Company, and I only use the tank or helicopter when the situation calls for it, and if it's not occupied of course. Sure, you can get a lot of kills with the tank and helicopter, but you can get atleast the same amount of kills as a foot soldier. It's all about how you read the specific situation and adopt to it.

CoxMulder3461d ago

Most of my points came from blowing up tanks, instead of driving them.

Long live C4!!

Ultimate rush: Bumrush a tank, jump on top of it & knife the guy behind the MG. Then take a pic to top it off! :D Priceless..

BLuKhaos3461d ago

Yeah I agree with you.I would only use the tanks as transportation and nothing else,well maybe I would booby trap one sometimes and wait for some monkey to climb in.

TheBand1t3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Zlatko, if you want TDM, go play Call of Duty. Battlefield has always been about combined arms between infantry and vehicles.

Yea, tanks are going to have the advantage. It's a 60 ton armored behemoth designed to crush you like an insect.

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kaveti66163460d ago

I think the game testers are working closely with the devs to make sure the multiplayer is done well.

MUNKYPOO3461d ago

the guy playing sucks balls

snipermk03460d ago

He used a whole clip on his sniper rifle and still didn't kill anyone.

belal3461d ago

wow... i hope MW2 gets something new or ot will get serious competition this year...

thedarkvault3461d ago

nice, the same leaked footage that was posted twice to n4g the other day

BX813461d ago

Way to hate buddy! Maybe you need to see my leaked footage of Mario and duck hunt!

psycho3603461d ago

@bx he's right its from 1 or days old story and interview.

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The story is too old to be commented.