David Jaffe's New Game Will Not Be Revealed At E3 2009. Maybe 2010...

David Jaffe said on his latest video blog that his new game will not be revealed at this year's E3. He also added that he fully expects to show something on next year's E3 and that the game will probably be announced sooner.

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SuperM3195d ago

He already said this like a month ago. No surprise here

xabmol3195d ago

Kinda wish it wasn't though. I never liked the car combat games. =[

I'd rather him work on a new War of the Monsters or, like you said, a brand new IP.

Heck I would rather have a sequel to Mickey Mania than another TM! xD

GIJeff3195d ago

car combat has been gone for too long. I'm tired of the monotony of all the latest games(except PlayStation exclusives, they've been quite fresh(LBP, uncharted, etc.)

II Necroplasm II3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

How could you hope not?

I want a Twisted Metal Black 2!

SL1M DADDY3195d ago

Thos games were great and to see a next gen version with all the graphics and mayhem next gen can bring... Oh yeah, bring it baby!

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GIJeff3195d ago

seriously, this is the saddest thing ive heard in forever. i would trade every ps3 game i have(50+) for a new twisted metal.

Raoh3195d ago

he did an interview with hiphopgamer recently where he pretty much confirmed his game wouldn't be ready this year.

also pretty much said no twisted metal either.

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The story is too old to be commented.