IGN to unveil another HVS game today

NintendoDpad reports:
"HVS's Gladiator A.D. was announced yesterday by the good folks over at IGN ,but that is not stopping them from announcing yet another."

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Product3343d ago

Im hoping for an adventure game.

qface643343d ago

geez don't they know e3 is next week

Product3343d ago

Shrugs shoulders. True next Tuesday i believe.

ParanoidMonkey3343d ago

I think Microsoft's conference is next Monday, but they're doing it a day before E3 "officially" kicks off for some reason. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm really curious to see what else HVS' engine can do. Consider me interested.

Product3343d ago

Didnt Microsoft do that with another show this year? GDC maybe?

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FinalomegaS3343d ago

Maybe they are reserving E3 for more Conduit showing since it'll be avail just now?

Cajun Chicken3343d ago

ANOTHER?!? What is that?!? THREE games?!?