"X" Marks the Spot on the Uncharted 2 Treasure Map has a unique pre-order bonus for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It looks as though Uncharted 2 will have the familiar treasure system, if you pre-order from Amazon you will have a leg up on the competition.

They are offering a "Treasure Map" that indicates all the hidden locations of the treasures within the game. The map can be viewed on both your PS3 or PSP, so expect this to be some kind of a digital download.

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xabmol3489d ago


I'll wait for something good.

If this was a real (physical) map, I'd be preordering it right now.

Sev3489d ago

Digital Download, especially if it's a JPEG or other image file would work great.

Just hit PS button to bring up in-game XMB, and you can view the map while in game.

Storm233489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I agree Sev it would be handy...but I would never use it. I like searching for the treasure in these games...not being shown where they are. Lost treasure should be looked for in my opinion. It makes the trophy feel that much better when I find them all, lol.

My most wanted game along with God of War 3. Can't wait.

slave2Dcontroller3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Tell us the story of how you landed the Trico footage. That was EPIC!

SL1M DADDY3489d ago

I found that playing through the game several times to find the treasures made for more fun than any other game of its kind. Uncharted was a blast and the treasure hunting made it just that much more fun. I would not want to get all the treasures the first time around. That way, I have all the more reason to play it through a few more times.

himdeel3489d ago

The treasure was the last thing I had to complete on my way to a platinum trophy. It felt great to see that last trophy # 60 pop up on the screen and then see that platinum message pop up moments later.

While a map is nice to have I wouldn't want any parts of it personally. Takes some of the fun away from subsequent play throughs.

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slave2Dcontroller3489d ago

sh!tz on my own in the first one and I'ma do it again. I want an Uncharted2 belt buckle.

BX813489d ago

Belt buckle? Is that part of a wish list or is that actually going to happen? That would be great!

DoucheVader3489d ago

Bummer it won't be like an actual parchment Map, that would be sweet. Hell I would settle for a glossy!

Polluted3489d ago

Well this thing will be online within about 20 minutes of the first person receiving it. I guess the idea is kind of cool. Just seems like Amazon is being kind of naive if they think this won't get copied like mad.

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