E3 2009 Games to Watch

As E3 2009 approaches gamers everywhere are clamoring for as much news and sneak previews as they can get. E3 is headed back to the spectacle of old, giving the industry and gamers a booster shot. This recession has been long and hard for everyone, but gaming is about now and the future. We have a prepared a list mixed with games we know about, along with some that have flown under the radar or just been forgotten about. What makes these games to watch? Well between now and next year, some of gaming's best and brightest are set to be released along with new IP's. All of which gamers are going to have to make serious choices on what they should be owning and playing. We are all witnesses.

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Myst3195d ago

All I can say is hopefully the days counting down to E3 will hurry up and the time E3 is here time needs to just stop for a few moments so I can at least take in all the games, quite a few listed I'd like to see more information on and some that are not included which really brings up the total.

3195d ago