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EYEamNUMBER13345d ago

anyone that buys this crap is just stupid
i mean no offense but in buying this all your telling the world is hey yeah go ahead and overcharge us for a chunk of plastic we don't mind paying
then again allot of people already do it with guitar hero

qface643345d ago

i agree with you its bad enough as it is with guitar hero
but this is doing too much considering that you don't even know if this board will be used to support future tittles

n4gn4gn4gn4g3345d ago

if TH wants to get its mojo back vs Skate they should through the peripheral in for low cost ... this'll tie those purchasers into all your future software sales including spinoffs like surfboarding that was mentioned by TH. Pricing this high may not sway people away from SKATE imo.

kb8mvp813345d ago

as i thought the price would be $99 but its around there. i might buy it but im still undecided due to economy.

NJShadow3345d ago

That price is really pushin' it. I'm not gonna buy it regardless, because as much of an ambitious idea as it is, I believe Activision is moving in the wrong direction with this. It's possible to revive the Tony Hawk franchise, but not this way.

Automat3344d ago

$120 ? hahahahhhaa.. yeah right, have fun kids....