Koku Gamer: Fallout 3 DLC: Broken Steel Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Picture Fallout 3 like a train ride that you don't ever want to end.This review contains spoilers. Sure, there are lots of stops, long spans of track going endlessly into the distance, and dark tunnels that carry you unknowingly from one place to the next but eventually, you know that there is a definite end to the track where the train will come to a screeching halt. Now, as you come towards that end, picture the train sprouting a pair of wings and soaring into the sky, allowing you to ride it forever. That pair of wings is Broken Steel, the third DLC add-on for Fallout 3, and what a fine pair of wings it is. But despite the many complaints about Fallout 3 that it addresses and the loads of new gameplay it adds, is the $10 price tag worth it for more Fallout 3 DLC?"

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ajcadoo3486d ago

This might be the only DLC I will have for F3. Good review.

Cinotix3486d ago

I think Broken Steel is the best out of all the DLC. But we'll have to wait for the next one to determine,whatever it is, Bethesda is always to give us great additions.

wwm0nkey3486d ago

Good review, still wont get the DLC until the disc with all of it is released

Jonnyboy11293486d ago

The Devs deliver again! Great review. I whole-heartingly agree.
Fallout 3 just gets better and better.