4 Wii games Nintendo may unveil at E3

NE writes: "Nintendo's E3 2008 conference was…Well…Terrible, but that's nothing more than a horrific memory at this point. There are greener pastures ahead with promises that this year will be shifted towards a more serious focus on software. Nintendo has made some rather audacious comments about their upcoming E3 conference, including that titles shown will help the Wii to surpass the sales of the PlayStation 2. Just which games might the company unveil at E3? We take a look at the most likely candidates."

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knox3462d ago

*foams at mouth*


The Great Melon3462d ago

I would like any of those games over their recent games. I am really interested in what Kid Icarus will be like. Even if only one of those games were announced, this would be a great improvement over last E3.

knox3462d ago

me too dude! i wonder if kid icarus is real. that'd be amazing. and i dont think nintendo could be any worse this year. i think.

KruLLit3462d ago

A Zelda announcement would destroy the competition, wouldn't be fair.

kunit22c3461d ago

im just hoping for atleast 2 of the following:
Pit Wii, Kirby Wii, Starfox Wii, F-Zero Wii, Pikmin 3. 2 of any of those would be nice, i dont really care much for another mario, and i think a new zelda comming has a higher chance anyway considering that they now are going to have Wii Motion+ I think that would be pretty cool a Zelda using Motion+. Also i would want all of those games to have an online feature or multiplayer feature somehow.

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Myst3462d ago

I wish they would unveil a type of pokemon MMO, not those battle Colosseum games that has graced every console; but ones that are similar to the hand held. Though I highly doubt something of that sort is coming so I shall look and hope for a Zelda title.

The Great Melon3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

That would be an interesting game if they pursued that idea. I don't think they can pursue the same formula that they follow with the handhelds though. Handheld games need to be designed so you can play them in bursts whereas console games aren't restrained so much by that idea. Anyways, a console Pokemon adventure game would be interesting.

EDIT Just a thought, the battle system would be overhauled probably. Don't know what they would do, but I doubt it would be turn based like the handhelds. If you could control the Pokemon itself......

Cheeseknight283462d ago

I'm still hoping that Blizzard's secret MMO is a Pokemon MMO co-developed by Nintendo.

I can dream, right?

Myst3462d ago

@The Great Melon:
+At first I back when pokemon was manageable at 150-151 it would have been something similar to the hand helds, but now as it has progressed I don't know why, but I can definitely see it not holding up to well. Though the games always seemed to have emphasis on the trainers yet the consoles didn't if they did make it so you controlled the pokemon I wonder how the battle system would be also. Brawlish maybe?

+Where as you would still create a trainer male or female, and then go a bit more in depth (similar to how you can create your character in either Rock band or Guitar Hero) then pick a starting pokemon. The trainer is used to walk around, but in the battle system it could be more or less like brawl with a design like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja storm. Where you are viewing the character from behind yet, have enough space to see your opponent. You could also have A punch (tail swipe?), kick, and a Jump move set with at least one of the moves being a special (Flamethrower, Fire spin, etc.). Something like that I can maybe see being done; but not by a long shot sadly.

+Blizzard would be a big help to Nintendo, and hopefully if done right could give rise to cross-platform play such as Final Fantasy XI was with PS2, 360 and PC. So it's pretty good to dream, sometimes those ideas may be closer to the truth than we know :); but haven't their been some hints already as to what Blizzard's newest game would be?

Cheeseknight283462d ago

They apparently have 2 MMOs in the works, one is using WoW's engine at the moment until they can create a new one, and the other is their so-called "Next-gen MMO."

I believe both have been reported to not be any of their main 3 franchises (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo).

The Great Melon3462d ago

The more I think about this kind of stuff, the more I want it. I get the feeling that Nintendo kind of views Pokemon as something that isn't broken so they feel no need to fix it. They don't want to tamper too much with the formula. With that kind of mindset the games they make will always be fun, but there will be little innovation in the series. I can still dream though....

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hotrider123462d ago

wii do need more games reggie need to crack open SNES portfolio and get it cracking whip pow!!

heroicjanitor3462d ago

They keep remaking games but they aren't bothered to improve them by much... Like making pokemon gold/silver for the wii would be nice too, but now they will be content with a rehash.

SpoonyRedMage3462d ago

Gold and Silver are being remade for the DS buddy.

Golden Sun would be awesome no matter what but I think it may be better off staying on the handhelds.

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