IGN HVS' Gladiator A.D. Revealed

IGN offers a sneak peek at High Voltage's newest Wii offering...

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BWS19823196d ago

glad to see someone (albeit same someone as Conduit) is offering something more than shovelware or kids games on the Wii, doesn't matter what it sells or what it rates, an attempt is noteworthy nonetheless, IMO....There is no bad that can come out of this that hasn't already plagued the Wii.

ultra643195d ago

True HVS is going to be a great dev for Wii this gen.

phantomexe3196d ago

I'd say this game going have it hard like madworld did but like madworld it will sell but its going be slow.Still game looks good for the short time it's been in delopment.

ChickeyCantor3196d ago

I say IF they don;t make it a game of "LOOK THERE IS BLOOD LOLOLOL THATS HARDCORE" then this game can do fine.
Also MadWorld did do something different wit art. So who knows.